All the gossip from the glamorous Tateossian party at Christie's in London

Posted by Dean Piper On November 29th, 2010


Above: Lisa Moorish was leather clad to spin the tunes….

Elizaveta Gnatchenko and Grace Cross were declared the two winners of the Tateossian jewellery design competition earlier this week at Christie’s in London.
Six Central Saint Martins graduates were tasked with designing a small capsule collection for Tateossian and the two winners were announced at an A-list Tateossian 20th anniversary event on Monday.
Judges David Furnish, Vogue Jewellery Editor Carol Woolton, GQ Editor Dylan Jones and Sunday Times columnist AA Gill announced the deserving winners in front of fashion heavy weights including David Gandy, Alice Temperley, Neve Campbell, Pam Hogg and Camilla Rutherford.


Above: Mr Gandy and Goldie

Guests mingled sipping mouth-watering Patron cocktails at the breath taking Ice Bar and rocked to music by my buddy Lisa Moorish. The winning collections will be available exclusively at Tateossian stores in 2011.


Sir Elton John’s other half David Furnish (above with AA Gill) tells me the pair failed to watch last the Elton themed night on the X Factor two weeks ago. He revealed at the 20 anniversary celebrations of trendy jewellery brand Tateossian: “Elton and I never actually saw the episode of X Factor dedicated to him as we were both in LA but maybe we’ll call a DVD in. A lot of our friends saw it and the main thing they said was they didn’t realise how hard it is to sing Elton’s songs. I guess it’s much easier if you write and perform the songs yourself. Would Elton perform a duet in the final? His schedule is very busy and we aren’t often in the country. Elton doesn’t have bad blood with Simon Cowell. He just thinks it’s important for an artist not to rely on another to write songs for them.  They’ve been given this amazing platform and then need to sustain it. These people are really talented and need to sustain it and it’s much easier when they write the material themselves. If you look at Lady GaGa she is an amazing talent and write all of her own songs. She may have only just started out but she’s only fulfilled a tiny proportion of her success.”
He also says meetings have been held about a special Elton episode of Glee – but the legendary singer has yet to hear back from the producers. “We are absolutely massive fans of Glee,” he enthused. “There has been talks about an Elton episode but we don’t know for sure yet. We’d love for it to happen.” So would I!


There’s nothing more crass than somebody bragging about money and wealth. And Nancy Dell’Olio took the biscuit at the Tateossian Christie’s event. Wearing the most humongous bling ring which she said a friend made for her out of jewels she already had. She bragged: “It’s my most expensive jewellery piece and worth in excess of £100,000.” Classless.


Natasha Bedingfield (above) is starting the comeback trail with new album Strip Me in the Spring. Nowadays she’s married, settled and living in LA and rarely back to the UK. But she popped by the Tateossian bash on Monday and told me she’s ready to get back into the UK pop charts. Tash said: “I now move between LA, London and New Zealand. I’ve been away for two years now but I’m back and the songs are more stripped back and feature lots of acoustic guitar, piano and even a ukulele. I’ve been getting into Country since being in America so there are songs influenced by that on the album. I’ve done a track with Nicki Minaj too and that’s on her album so there’s still some edgy stuff.”
The star also says she would love to chop all her hair off – but friends are joking that she’d have the “married cut”. “I can’t cut my hair for two years otherwise I’ll be branded as having ‘the married hair-cut’,” she giggled. “A friend of mine got married then had her hair cut shorter and my mum was like ‘Yeah she has got the married haircut’. So the longer hair has to stay for a while.”
Natasha also says brother Daniel is preparing for a big comeback – but is waiting for the right moment to strike. There’s something to look forward too….

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