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Posted by Dean Piper On November 21st, 2010

WHICH star knows how to get a party started – by spiking everyone’s drink with liquid ecstasy? This naughty girl got in lots of trouble doing it recently!

*Rejoice – there’s another new restaurant for the stars to hang out in! The uber Hakkasan Mayfair opened it’s doors last week and the stars flooded in for low key dinners. Tana Ramsay managed to dodge the paps and enjoy lunch there this Wednesday and a little birdie told me Dita Von Teese swung by there last night. Earlier in the week photographer David Bailey and Heather Kerzner hosted a charity dinner in aid of Malaria No More UK. The venue attracted the Le Bons, Caludia Winkleman, Trinny Woodall and Sir Phillip Green. I can’t wait to try it out.

*Up and coming designer William Tempest was the main draw at this week’s Body Shop and London College of Fashion collaboration launch ‘Brush With Fashion’ – a limited-edition, sustainable, cruelty-free make-up and accessories collection. Top model Ben Grimes wore Tempest and finished the runway proceedings, hair Queen Tara Smith watched patiently and Sophie Anderton tried to be noticed.

*Hurts are one of my favourite bands and it seems that Sex And The City’s Sarah Jessica Parker agrees.
The duo – Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson – met the pint-sized actress this week at Germany’s biggest award show, The Bambis.
“We were backstage with Sarah and she came up to us and said that we were her favourite performance of the night and she’d got our album,” says Theo. “She was so sweet and gave us a rose each from a bouquet of flowers she’d been given. She was very beautiful.”
After duetting with pop princess Kylie Minogue on their ace debut album Happiness the boys are now hoping to get a hat trick Down Under.
“We met Dannii on the X Factor a couple of weeks ago. We just need to meet their mum to collect the set. We were introduced to baby Ethan who is an amazing little guy.”
After meeting the contestants backstage Hurts, who release new single Stay on Monday, made sure they singled out their favourite for a chat.
“I really like Aiden Grimshaw as his intensity and angst makes him very Hurts-esque. I told him just to go for it. I can’t imagine how much they must be bricking it up on that stage.”
The band headlined Wednesday night’s Little Noise Session, raising Monday for learning disability charity Mencap. Check out for more info.

*Claudia Winkleman continues to make me chuckle. The ever so fashionable Strictly presenter says nobody gives a hoot about what she wears. She told me at the Galaxy National Book Awards this week: “Nobody gives a monkey what I wear on Strictly like they do with Cheryl and Dannii on the X Factor and that’s the best way. I do have a stylist and she is amazing. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes as it’s all about the high street for me until I get the ankles and then I go expensive.”

*Is Arlene Phillips ready to lift the lid on her career and that controversial Strictly exit? It sounds like it! The star tells me she’s been asked to pen her autobiography and she’s thinking about whether she wants to do it right now.
She told me at the Galaxy National Book Awards: “I just think where do I start? I’ve lived so many lives and so many adventures. It would be such a big volume so I would need time but yes I think very soon the Arlene Phillips collection will be complete and it will be time to write my autobiography.
There will be lots of surprises. I have told a lot but there are other things no-one in my life knows a word about. Just in the time that I spent doing videos I went all over the world with big bands like Duran Duran, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Freddie Mercury and Aretha Franklin so there are all of those wild times and they were really wild. Then there is the people I have with in musical theatre and of course, lots of Strictly secrets that remain very secret at the moment and they could always come out.” I can’t ruddy wait for that book!

*Eighties star Sinitta is hoping to expand her brood. The X Factor star is already mother to five-year-old daughter Magdalena and son Zac, three, who she adopted two years ago. And now Sinitta has revealed plans to adopt her third child from the same birth mother. She found out earlier this year that her children’s biological mother was pregnant again and unable to keep the baby. She told me at this week’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland launch: “We go for our final adoption meeting on Monday and find out whether we will have a chance of adopting another child. I am so nervous. At the minute I’m comfort eating because of all the stress.” Considering she has one of the best bodies out there I doubt the comfort eating with make any difference.

*Craig Revel Horwood thinks it’s time that Ann Widdecombe bogged off from this year’s Strictly Come Dancing competition. He told me at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland launch: “I think it’s time for Ann to go quite frankly.
“If it’s not her last show this Sunday then she cannot reach any further than the semi finals – enough is enough. As much as I enjoy the comedy element it would be nice to see actual dancing. It’s not fair on amazing dancers like Scott. She is a comedy act and I don’t want to see her go any further in the competition. I hope the British public will see sense.
“The public need to stop voting for her as it’s gone as far as it should. People like her for what she is but she is not dancing. If Ann carries on then the show may as well be called Strictly Come Comedy.”
Craig clearly understands the panto that is Strictly quite well these days. He quipped: “I’ve enjoyed this series a lot more as I’m a lot less nervous this year. But at the end of the day it’s not Shakespeare.”

*I wonder if the pressure of trying to keep his transatlantic ‘friendship’ with Cheryl Cole strong is starting to get to dancer Derek Hough. I only reveal all because I hear Del boy and his Dancing with the Stars partner for this season are hardly close pals right now. My LA source tells me: “Jennifer absolutely is far from friends with Derek. They had a huge fight outside the studios the other night and some execs from the show had to come out into the car park where they were screaming at each other to try and calm him down.” Naughty naughty.

*Minnie Driver was on fine form at the Oxfam Party at Esquire House. She told me she plans to have a another child at some point in the future. The star gave birth to first child Henry in September 2008 and the father of the baby boy remains a secret. She beamed: “Henry’s great. He’s absolutely brilliant. I definitely want more children. I’d like a dozen but that’s not really a reality is it?! I’d settle for one more….that would be lovely.” Good luck with that, Min!

*Denzel Washington may be a huge movie star – but he still goes through all the parenting nightmares like anyone else does. Speaking ahead of his Unstoppable movie release he told me: “My kids don’t think I’m cool. They don’t even care anymore, they never answer my calls. It’s all about internet, and texting so if I don’t send them an email or text they wont contact me….unless they want money then they come calling.”

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