All the gossip from the 'Michael Jackson The Experience' Wii game launch in London

Posted by Dean Piper On November 21st, 2010


Pixie Lott (above) and hot model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire finally didn’t shy away from flaunting their relationship at the Michael Jackson Wii game launch at Whisky Mist this week. My spy told me: “They were openly holding hands and Oliver often rested his hands on her bum. Pixie, of course, brought her mum in too.” What is it with these showbiz mum’s muscling in on the showbiz world. Let the kids off that leash!

MJ 8

Above: X Factor stars Brian Friedman and Konnie Huq pose up.

I’m told the producer of Thriller Live on the West End, Adrian Grant, is creating a new show to open in April and it sounds like it’s going to a be a homage to the Divas of yester year and modern day. A source reveals: “It will include tributes to Whitney Houston, Beyonce Knowles, Shirley Bassey and Aretha Franklin.” Sounds like a night out and a half.

MJ 10

Above: Aiden Grimshaw is allowed out to partay now he’s out of the competition.

The weird and wacky world of Pineapple star Andrew Stone continues to gather pace. The almighty deluded one talked about his etiquette when it comes to sleeping with ‘fans’ this time. Speaking at the  Michael Jackson: The Experience Wii game this week he told me: “I haven’t shagged a fan. But a shag is a shag, isn’t it? I’ll even go for cats or dogs. If I saw a poster of me above her bed while we were having sex I’d be like: ‘Looking good Andrew’. It would be a performance worthy of American Psycho. After a gig and signing loads of autographs all I want to go and do is get back to the hotel and have a drink. I’m a celebrity now so I don’t take advantage but the others guys in the band aren’t as well known so they do take advantage of it. I’m 37 so I’ve already lived. I’m not worried about kiss and tells as I haven’t shagged a fan.” The self belief this man carries is beyond anything I’ve ever encountered in this fickle world of showbiz! You have to commend the guy for that…..

Michael Jackson The Experience is out November, 26

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