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Posted by Dean Piper On November 14th, 2010

*Starsailor singer James Walsh launched his debut solo material at the Proud Gallery in Camden. He wowed a crowd of top music industry execs and fans as well as Sting’s daughter Coco Sumner and Hollywood actor Dougray Scott. James’ new EP Live at the Top of the World was recorded in the most northerly city in the world, Tromso in Norway. And it’s a corker!

*This year’s Barclaycard Wireless festival sounds like it has all the makings of a classic summer event. Already confirmed are Pulp – who are reuniting especially for the three day Hyde Park festival – and I hear the next two headliners are huge too. Step forward Eminem and Daft Punk. I can’t wait.

WHICH star’s marriage is literally holding on by a thread? I hear this warring pair are finally starting to work out a get out clause. About time.

*Kimberley Walsh sounds like she’s going to be doing a saucy shoot soon. I can reveal Kim’s just become the face – and body – of the new Puma Body Train trainers. I’m told the shoot won’t be as cheeky as Kelly Brook’s recent trainer ad but it will definitely show her pert buttocks in some form. The campaign goes live in January. Hurrah.

*Claudia Winkleman continues to make me chuckle. The ever so fashionable Strictly presenter says nobody gives a hoot about what she wears. She told me at the Galaxy National Book Awards this week: “Nobody gives a monkey what I wear on Strictly like they do with Cheryl and Dannii on the X Factor and that’s the best way. I do have a stylist and she is amazing. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes as it’s all about the high street for me until I get the ankles and then I go expensive.”

*It sounds like Myleene Klass is considering naming her next daughter Rose. Speaking as she won at this years Specsavers Spectacle Wearer Of The Year awards she said: “Rose was one of the names we were considering the first time around. My man Gray had an Auntie Rose. You want to make sure that no-one is specifically named after anybody. I am making lists but Gray has given me two names already which I’ve turned down. I can’t say as he’ll never forgive me but they all sound like Austrian-Hungarian princesses. They were along the days of Anastasia.” Typical man!

*Single gal Lisa Snowdon sounds like she’s gone and got extra broody after meeting Dannii Minogue’s new bubba Ethan recently. Lisa told me at the Specsavers Spectacle Wearer Of The Year awards: “I met baby Ethan who is gorgeous and made me really broody. He is the calmest, most serene little baby and she is an amazing mother. It’s only Dannii’s baby that makes me broody as he’s so well behaved. I have flashes of broodiness and then they go away quickly. There is definitely nothing on the cards yet. There has to be a man first.”

*Former jungle winner Joe Pasquale has some Tena advice for the new jungle contestants on I’m A Celeb. He revealed: “My advice to the new contestants is to take as many pairs of underpants as you can. Seriously it sounds like a joke but what happens is that you are only allowed to take two pairs – but sneak in a few if you can – and you have to wash one while you wear the other. But it’s so humid out there that none of the washing dries so after two days you have damp pants which isn’t nice. At least take some Tena lady with you. So that’s my advice – take a packet of Tena lady with you.

*Jimi Mistry sounds properly gutted that he was knocked out of Strictly Come Dancing last week. He told me this week: “I’ve never been happier in my life or felt so good about myself – I almost have a 3 pack now – so I’m even more gutted.
“It seems such a shame as we were already planning the weeks ahead. I just can’t put into words how upset I am but I’m definitely going to keep dancing.
“Flavia and I have already spoken about it as we feel a little cheated. We didn’t expect to go so were already planning the dances for the weeks ahead – like the Waltz and I was going to do a Bollywood take on the Samba.”
Jimi now hopes to bag a starring role on the West End from his appearance on the show. “Ideally I’m hoping that I will get offered something like Chicago, which would be perfect, as a result of this,” he added.

*There’s a new singer that’s flipping my switch big time right now. Gabrielle Aplin, 17, is the next Youtube sensation to be causing a stir in the music world. She is playing at The Water Rats on November 30 and a handful of labels are coming down to see her. She’s got a corker of a voice and she’s not even signed yet! She’s one to watch!

*Congratulations to manager Jonathana Shalit and his gorgeous bride Katrina Sedley – who celebrated their recent nuptials with a star studded traditional Jewish reception at the V+A this week. It was truly spectacular night with guests including Kelly Brook, Myleene Klass, Martine McCutcheon, Lesley Joseph and Gizzi Erskine. Jamelia even performed! Congrats guys!

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