Mcfly are back with nw album Above The Noise

Posted by Dean Piper On November 14th, 2010


McFly are back in a big way with new album Above The Noise. It’s perfect pop and a real slick product – and out on Monday. Harry Judd from the band tells me the boys can’t wait to tour soon too! He revealed: “The next tour will be an arena tour and we don’t go cheap and budget.
“We try and make it a big show. A lot of people go on tour to make money but we go on tour to put on an amazing show and that’s how it should be.”
He also says he’s thrilled with the band’s new grown-up sound. “I don’t know what would of happened if we’d carried on with the same sound,” he explained. “I think the progression has make it exciting and fresh for us. It gave us a new lease of life.
“It’s not chart positions for us anymore and that’s why we are releasing the album first through our website for the fans. It’s not about the money for us either.”


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