Catching up with Nick Grimshaw and Olly Murs ahead of T4 Stars of 2010

Posted by Dean Piper On November 14th, 2010

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They say food is the way to a man’s heart but it sounds like it’s a nightmare for health conscious T4 star Nick Grimshaw – especially when Jameela Jamil is around.
“Jameela is constantly snacking on the worst food ever and I have to try and not eat it,” Nick laughs. “Her dressing room table look like the fat family’s banned table in You Are What You Eat.”
It must be tough times for Nick – who co-hosts T4 Stars of 2010 on November 21 – as he’s keen to keep himself trim to interview his celeb crushes.
Miquita (Oliver) and I fought over interviewing Zac Efron. Luckily we both did so I didn’t have to kill her. He has a sexy face and I was in to his facial hair.”

Olly Murs sounds destined to stay single for quite some time if what he told me this week is anything to go by! The star, who sings at T4’s Stars of 2010 at Earls Court on November 21, sounds like he’s having major issues when it comes to bedding women. Olly tells me: “It is really hard for me to meet someone. One, I am really busy. And secondly how do I know that they are trustworthy?
“I don’t know if they like me for me or if they like me because I am off the telly. It’s like they want to jump in bed with me straight away because they want to sell a story and I don’t want that. I want to meet someone who I can settle down with me and have a relationship with and I’m finding it really hard to trust people. I don’t know whether they want me because they think I have loads of money, which I haven’t.”
He added internet dating could be an option. “Chat Roulette is hilarious but I’m not stopping that low just yet,” Olly chuckled. “I’m not desperate to go on dates just yet or go on dating websites.”
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T4’s Stars of 2010 will take at Earls Court on Sunday 21st November and tickets are available at  Additionally, T4 and Elite models have joined forces and there will be Elite scouts down at the event searching for future supermodels. This is a fantastic opportunity for girls across the country to be scouted by one the UK’s biggest model agencies.

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