All the gossip from the MTV EMAs in Madrid….

Posted by Dean Piper On November 14th, 2010


Above: Miley Cyrus looks cute as can be in a floor length white floaty dress….

Meanwhile, Kelly Brook is back in my good books again after we fell out of love earlier this year. We had a nice natter this week and she’s on good form – and was surprisingly open about Danny Cipriani, getting older and her supposed ‘new man’ Jack Whitehall.
She explained firstly why she travelled out to Australia to see her ex Danny recently. “I went to Australia and went to see Danny,” Kel said. “We are just mates. When you have known someone a long time you support each other. I always said I was going to go and visit him and I did. I had a window and that was that. It was cool. It wasn’t awkward as we are friends and there is no animosity or drama.
I seemed to be linked to everyone I know. Jack Whitehall and I just shared a taxi and the next thing we’re dating. I’m definitely single and haven’t been going on any dates. I’m enjoying myself.”
She also spoke about her weight loss of late – and she puts it down to her haircut. She added: “All I have done is have all my hair chopped off. I just needed a change – a new start, a new me. I’ve hit 30 and I’m getting old so I don’t think I can pull off the long hair anymore. I’ve got red and purple tones in too. I know a lot of celebs are getting the same done but it’s seasonal isn’t it? There was no inspiration from Cheryl Cole.”

Dizzee Rascal wants to model for Dolce and Gabbana it would appear. He told me: “I’m wearing D&G again tonight. They are good to me but then so they should after the amount of money I spend in there. I’d love to model for them and we’ve had talks about it. Yeah, I think I’d be a natural at it. I can stand there looking gangster.”

Johnny Knoxville wants Cheryl Cole to make a Jackass cameo in the future! Now  that would be cool! Johnny told me: “I’d like your Cheryl Cole to get involved with Jackass – I really would. We usually look for people with a sense of humour to come do a cameo in Jackass, we usually reach out to people we know. But we’d love Cheryl on board.”

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen is putting it out there that she wants her band The Pretty Reckless to collaborate with Noel Gallagher. “We are giant Oasis fans so we want to reach out to Noel Gallagher for a collaboration,” she revealed. “Or Paul Weller.” Good luck with that one.

Has Mike Posner got the hots for Alexandra Burke? It certainly sounds like it! He told me at the EMAs: “I am friends with Alexandra Burke. She is a sweetheart. Could anything happen between us? Never say never.”


Above: Rihanna has never looked more girly and cute. Arriving on the blue carpet for the EMAs….


Eva Longoria (above) listened to Eminem to get ready for her live rap at the MTV EMAs last week. The Desperate Housewives star told me in Madrid: “I was totally terrified to do the rap but they did a really good job of writing it and it was really good fun.
“I listened to Eminem for inspiration. Actually they told me it was like Eminem. But don’t get excited  – this is definitely not the sign of things to come – there is going to be no singing or rapping from me in the future.” Good to know!


Above: After a quick change Rihanna picked a bunch of flowers whilst on stage in Madrid. And why not.


Above: Shakira gets Loca on stage with that washboard midriff on show. Wow.


Quote of the event from Ke$ha (on stage above): “I couldn’t go to Katy Perry’s wedding as I was writing my new record. Does it inspired me to get married? Hell no.”

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