X Factor Exclusive: Cher Lloyd talks about ditching the snarl….

Posted by Dean Piper On November 7th, 2010


X Factor star Cher Lloyd has spoken out saying she feels she’s turned a corner with the public being scared of her rude-girl snarl.
The 17-year-old contestant feels last week’s performance of Shakespeare’s Sister song Stay has allowed her to connect to a far broader audience. She said: “It was important that last week I did Stay and that people saw me without a snarl and without the rapping or the edge. I really feel, and hope, that the public have seen a different side to me now. I needed to show that I can actually hold a tune and I can handle vocals. I want to do more of it actually.”
The star also said she hopes to achieve success as a singer even if she doesn’t make it all the way through to the finals in December. “I hope that from being on the show people can see that I’m here to stay,” she said. “I’m a huge fan of loads of music but especially N-Dubz. So I hope one day I’ll be up there alongside them sort of bands.
“But on the same note I love singing stage stuff like that song from Wicked, Defying Gravity.”
Cher also says she’s trying not to listen to fans that are saying she’ll make it through to the end of the show. She said: “I’m trying not to read things and trying not to listen. Who knows who’ll get through to the end. All I’ll say is I have plenty more surprises left for the show.”


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