Caroline Flack talks jungle, detoxing and Janice Dickinson!

Posted by Dean Piper On November 7th, 2010

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Caroline Flack is getting ready to enter the jungle once again to host I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out Of Here Now. And the teeny weeny star has been on a big old diet and fitness campaign to get ready for the jungle. She told me: “I’ve been having detox meals delivered to my house so I can watch my weight and I’ve got a trainer three times a week and I’m working out pretty much every day.
“When you’re a girl in television that likes wearing hot pants you need to watch what you eat. It’s important! Especially when you’re short like I am – there’s always a chance of looking dumpy if you’re wearing teeny outfits.”

The pretty lady also tells me she’s sort of sad not to be joined for part of her trip for the ITV2 show by the world’s first self proclaimed supermodel Janice Dickinson. Well, I say sort of. The Flackster added: “Janice turned up one day and yelled: “You look like shit.” Then went over to a magazine, tore a picture of some celebrity out, slammed it in front of me and said: “That’s how you should look.” Intense!

Caroline also tells me she’s an expert on the jungle these days – she knows all the varieties of creepy crawlies, snakes and birds when on set. “Last year Joe Swash and me were surfing the internet in my room and we saw a spider,” she explained. “We went down to have look at it in a corner and it was a Black Widow spider.
“We freaked out and called somebody to come and bash it’s head in with a broom. And one time when I was presenting on the show the crew were looking strangely at me throughout the entire slot. I finished and said: “What the hell was everyone doing.” And they told me there was a very dangerous snake in the light above my head. Thank God I didn’t know.”

Catch Caroline presenting the show from November 14th on ITV2.

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