All the gossip from Cosmopolitan's Ultimate Women Awards 2010

Posted by Dean Piper On November 7th, 2010


Myleene Klass is making me put on weight. Since she’s pregnant she’s turned into a feeder. Ok, I kid – I love to eat. But whenever we meet up she needs chips and coca colas. Recently she even did chips, scones and jam. Pregnancy does strange things to people and the star explained etiquette on asking a young lady if she is pregnant at that tricky ‘is she or isn’t she’ phase. Leenie revealed: “At a wedding at the weekend a woman actually slapped her husband for asking me if I was pregnant. It made me laugh as my own fella Gray has done the same thing before now and I would give him a good kick under the table. You can’t take it for granted that everyone knows, or cares, about your life. I found it very funny. Like any woman I’ve been up and down with my weight regardless of pregnancy so I’ve had that question in the past anyway when I haven’t been pregnant. Wait till you see my student photos, I found two recently and look like a big Hawaiian mumma.” The star, who’s just popped to LA for a series of meetings about a string of new TV shows, says she’s already thinking about another baby – despite only being five months gone! “I’m not just planning on having these two,” she said. “I’m planning on having a whole heap of babies. Just don’t tell Gray. He said two so I said we have to double that at least. On my mum’s side I have thirteen and on his 11. I don’t see it as a competition to beat that but I love a challenge.” I’m exhausted thinking about it.

Kimberley Walsh isn’t exactly loyal when it comes to voting for her Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Cole. She voted for the opposition! She told me: “Rebecca is a favourite of mine although Cher’s performance of Stay was amazing. It gave me goosebumps. I don’t vote actually. That’s bad isn’t it?
“I’m one of those people that Cheryl is always moaning about that doesn’t vote. Actually I did vote a few times for John (Louis’ contestant) because I thought he needed it and I felt sorry for him. He was a great singer but it didn’t work out for him. I think Wagner needs to go now.”


Christine Bleakley (above with me) put the record straight about rumours she’s due to wed her footballer boy toy Frank Lampard. She laughed: “It’s absolute nonsense. They’ve suggested some terrible venues that we’re going to get married in – like a Japanese restaurant in Belfast. I love it but you don’t want to get married with it.”
It’s fair to say she was a bit down about the pressure she’s having right now as the co-host of Daybreak. But you can tell she’s being quietly optimistic that the show will get back on track. She told me: “Of course I’m not loving what people are saying about the show but what choice do I have apart from to ride it out?
“We are only two months into the show. That’s not a very long time in telly terms. It’s not long in any terms and people just need to give us a break really. I still believe it will work out. I really do.
“Of course it has been incredibly hard reading things and seeing what people are saying but I’ve stopped looking at all of it. It will drive you mad if you do – and when I was reading it all I was pretty upset if I’m honest.
“I never thought there would be any sort of backlash to this extent. But it will change – people behind the scenes are working on the show. There will be changes. But it all depends on whether people will let us make changes and ride out the storm I guess.
“I’m doing fine with it all and I am coping. Admittedly the early starts are harder than what I thought. I tend to go home in a zombie like state and sleep afterwards. Fortunately I’ve gotten into a routine and I’m finding it OK. But I’m not going out at all during the week – you just can’t. It is exhausting.”
So will she ever consider going back to dancing on Strictly Come Dancing if Daybreak was to end? “Oh no,” she said. “I love Strictly and I always will. I know so many of the dancers that I will always have a soft spot for it.
“I really like it this year and the way it has been glitzed up. I really wouldn’t want to put anyone through seeing me dance again so I wouldn’t do a Christmas special. I attempt dancing occasionally at the weekends but I wouldn’t put it on anybody to have to watch me again. I will say Frank is the better dancer. He will laugh at that – do print that.”


Those Westlife boys (above) sound like they are ready to square up to Take That at next week’s live X Factor final when the pair of boyband legends perform on the same night. Kian Egan joked: “There are going to be a few knocks and punches from us to Take That just before they go on to perform. We are going to get Robbie in a headlock and give him a few digs and make sure he sings out of tune.”
Mark also spoke about the pressure on Da Loife releasing their 11th studio album Gravity. He said: “There is no easy week to release your album. It is our 11th album so I think at this point in our career all we can hope for is to be up there in the Top three to five. We never take anything for granted. If we obsessed about getting No 1′s then we would of gone home a long time ago.”

Outspoken Mark Feehily also commented on the Cheryl Cole miming scandal and said there was no excuse for anybody miming on X Factor. He added: “We have never mimed on the X Factor. Sometimes it is not the right thing to do (to sing live) but on the X Factor they have got the best sound system. I remember Beyonce saying it’s the best sound system she has ever performed on. So there’s no excuse other than not being able to do it.” And you have to give it to these boys – they can sing!


Above: Hanging out with Shayne Ward and Cher Lloyd at the fabulous bash at Banqueting House

Nicola Roberts

Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts (above, wearing Body AMR) was cagey as a budgie when it came to whether or not she’ll be joining Nadine Coyle in releasing solo material in the near future. Despite being weeks from announcing her own solo deal – more than likely with Sony – she told me: “I haven’t spoken about that and I won’t yet. But I will tell you I’ve been writing for a very long time. A very long time indeed.” Ooooh, cryptic.
Nic sounds like she actually needs a Girls Aloud reunion sometime soon too. She added: “I definitely don’t think it is the end of Girls Aloud – I don’t think I could cope if it was. When the time is right we will definitely get back together and I can honestly say I can’t wait for that day.” Nor can I!

Olly Murs is struggling to get his end away because his male friends are too good looking! He told me: “My real problem is that my friends bat all the fans away from me but what they secretly do is get rid of all the hot girls and have them for themselves. They love coming out with me purely for that reason. But I’m just left on my own looking like a mug. My problem is I have ridiculously good looking friends. It’s the worst thing ever. Why can’t I have ugly mates? I really need to get myself some ugly friends or I’m not going to get anything.” Get to it Ols.

Dizzee Rascal loves his women. And he tells me he can’t wait to meet Eva Longoria at the MTV European Music Awards that take place tonight in Madrid. He told me – with a huge broad smile: “I’m very excited about meeting Eva Longoria at the EMA’s. And then I’m going to be dancing and singing alongside Shakira.
“I control myself dancing with Shakira by remembering all the other beautiful ladies I dance with. I’m a bit hurt I didn’t get to dance with her in the video and they brought in some stunt double. I don’t know what all that was about.”

Kimberley Walsh
I’m a bit miffed for Nadine Coyle this week for getting such a universal kicking for the launch of her debut solo album. It’s always tough when people completely write you off from the start. The poor girl never stood a chance. And Kimberley Walsh (above) – her bandmate in Girls Aloud – feels a bit sorry for her too. She told me at the Cosmo bash: “Everyone deserves a chance and it’s sad that she’s not had that chance.
“Its also sad that she’s being pitched against Cheryl. It’s totally different styles. I’m just pleased that she’s done what she wanted to do finally and released it. She’s worked hard. I’ve not heard the album but I’m sure its good.”


At the Cosmo Awards the stars were invited to join all of the celebrities in the backstage talent retreat, the ‘ME Lounge’ where stars were taken around and stocked up with goodies such as free professional teeth whitening from Ultrasmile, bespoke designer rings from Rebel Rocks and hordes of other gifts from brands Chapman Entertainment (Fifi & Roary), Mattel (Fisher-price), Sorel Boots (Boots), Yankee Candle (Candles), Avon, Lipsy and The Slim Girls Box of Secrets! It’s OK for some eh!

Louise Spence

Above: Pineapple’s Louie Spence shimmers on the red carpet


Above: The McFly boys pose up….

Alexandra Burke

Above: Alexandra Burke oozes old Hollywood glamour at Cosmopolitan

Donna Air

Above: Donna Air attended the bash – complete with a silver Burberry clutch that her young daughter Freya had customised with gold stars….

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