The rest of this weeks column….featuring Bryan Ferry, JLS, Nadine Coyle and Liberty X!

Posted by Dean Piper On October 31st, 2010


*Bryan Ferry is back with a bang. His new album Olympia (which features Kate Moss on the cover and seen above) is a corker and I watched the main man perform tracks from the new record this week in London. After his set he told me he’s watching the X Factor – but it’s not quite his favourite show! Bryan said: “I’ve been watching. There’s a huge lad on the X Factor that’s very good at the moment, Paije. He’s got a great voice and is definitely one to watch. But to be honest I’m more of a Downtown Abbey fan though.”

*Elton John brought a tear to my twisted cynical eye at the Roundhouse this week when he sang Tiny Dancer  as part of his two and a half hour long set for the BBC Radio 2 Electric Proms. Uncle Elt was joined by Leon Russell, Plan B and the girl of the moment Rumer. Her album Seasons Of My Soul is one of my favourite albums of the year and it’s out tomorrow. Another album you must get is Jamiroquai’s new  one Rock Dust Light Star – it’s ace.

*The Sugababes are not done and dusted by a long shot! New Ultimo model Jade Ewen told me at the Nokia N8 bash: “We’re currently in the studio recording at the minute. This album is more vocally driven and organic. We really want to be all about the voices so are just getting round an acoustic guitar to write the songs at the minute. Speaking as a fan, I loved The Sugababes round the Freak Like Me days where it was all about the vocals. We’ve recorded about 15 tracks so far. There are no big named producers we’re working with at the minute as then we’ll end up sounding like them and everything that’s out there at the minute.
“I’m counting this as my first album as I’ve been there from the beginning and have had just as much input. It will definitely sound a lot different to Sweet 7 as that was current and fitted in to what was around in the charts when it was released.” I can’t wait for some new music -  the Babes are missed!

*With these winter nights drawing in you need a good Blu-ray film to curl up and watch! Baz Luhrmann’s groundbreaking Moulin Rouge and Romeo+Juliet are released this week courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Two essential films for any film fan.


*This week I’m rooting for Nadine Coyle (above) who releases her ace debut pop-rock single Insatiable. She sounded nervous when I saw her at this weeks Q Awards. Nad told me: “I’m so nervous about my single coming out – everyone’s saying that it has been coming out for ages but to me it feels like five minutes! I know I’ve got a lot of supporters but then a lot of people want me to fail too.” Everybody deserves a chance!

*Oh drats – it seems a Liberty X comeback is off the cards. Michelle Heaton and Jessica Taylor seem to  have differing thoughts on reforming. Michelle, who has now turned her hand to comedy acting, told me she’d love a Liberty X reunion. But after Jess became a mum to baby Dylan earlier this year, she has no desire to reform. “My career now is being a full-time mum and I’m loving it,” she told me at this week’s Bryclreem bash. “I’ve got no real desire to get back to work, especially as Kevin is going to be away a lot for work next year. There’s no reality shows that I want to take part in and I only sing in the shower. I definitely wouldn’t want to reform Liberty X. I had so much fun doing it but that part of my life is in the past now.” Boo!

*Move aside BecksKevin Pieterson wants your vanity crown! He’s become the face (and hair) for Brylcreem Paste and when I caught up with him at the launch party this week he shared a desire for plastic surgery in an extremely odd place. “I like to take pride in my appearance and use moisturiser to keep my skin looking good – most of the time I steal Jessica’s products which she’s never too happy about,” he said. “I’ll maybe try Botox one day but not just yet. I’d like to get myself a tit lift though.” Moobs are never a good look!

*JLS are pulling out all the stops with the threads for their tour later this month. The guys are hoping Vivienne Westwood are going to design them some personalised outfits. JB from the band, that releases this years official Children in Need song Love You More, told me he also hopes to return to X Factor to perform later in the series. He added: “We need to have a word with Simon. I suppose it grounds us in a way as to see where we came from and where we are now is incredible.”


*Tinie Tempah (who looks hawt above) is trying to lift the lid on his rock and roll lifestyle in a Madonna-esque documentary of life on the road for his fans. Speaking at the Q Awards he told me: “We are currently doing a documentary behind the tour called Rock and Rap and it will be out around January/February next year. It will be on the TV and on DVD. I like to think I am a very honest musician so let’s just say everything has been captured on tape. It’s X-rated. It’s everything you can imagine on a rock and roll tour. Everybody knows what goes on on tour but nobody has evidence of it. Until now.”

*Ellie Goulding isn’t sure about her latest purple rinse hair do. The star stepped out at the Q Awards this week and told me: “I feel that I look like a horse with this hair from My Little Pony. I’m really not sure about it. I really like changing my hair and trying new looks. I was pink recently and I’ve shaved part of my hair too as I was bored.” New hairdresser needed, Els!

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