Sharleen Spiteri heads back to Texas

Posted by Dean Piper On October 31st, 2010


Sharleen Spiteri is back after her solo stint and recording with the band that made her name – Texas!
I hooked up with her this week and interviewed her for the PRS For Music conference and she told me: “We’re back in the studio and although it;s early days we are feeling like now is the right time to make a special album. Being back with the boys is what I love doing so hopefully by the summer of next year we’ll be ready to release.”
The star also told me she had a rather interesting meal recently with a music superstar. “I went to a dinner party and Kate Bush was there,”  she said. “She’s and amazing, wonderful lady and I was so thrilled to have met her. She still has huge bush hair too.” Good to know!

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