Pamela Anderson wants to be a judge on Britain's Got Talent!

Posted by Dean Piper On October 31st, 2010

Baywatch legend Pamela Anderson flew into town this week for the premiere of the Nokia N8 short film The Commuter in London. She’s a sweetie and told me she’d love to be in Britain for a longer period – starring on Britain’s Got Talent. “It would be good if Simon Cowell would consider me for the spare Britain’s Got Talent judging chair this year,” she revealed. “I mean, what I’d really love to be is a judge of X Factor US though it’s probably too late and I don’t think I really have the expertise. I know Simon so he needs to make that happen.”
The star also says she’s gutted to not be appearing on the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special.  She pulled a ‘sad face’ and revealed: “I was asked to do the Christmas special for Strictly Come Dancing but I’ve just learnt they’ve now taken the offer back as they only want UK celebrities on it. I’m gutted as I’ve been telling everybody about it and was really looking forward to it.” And that’s another reason why the BBC is bonkers!

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