All the gossip from the 32nd Annual Carousel of Hope Ball in LA

Posted by Dean Piper On October 31st, 2010

*Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are Hollywood’s hot new couple of the moment. But it doesn’t sound like the pair’s PR reps out there are too happy about it. My girl in the know was left shocked when the pair started a public display of affection. My spy at the Carousel of Hope Ball says: “She is one seriously loved-up lady. Anyway at one point when she was whispering into his ear and kissing him, her publicist told her off which I thought was quite amusing. He said it looked ‘unproffessional’ and everyone was watching. They then had a bit of a spat – Halle wasn’t taking any s**t.” Good for her – carry on snogging!

*Could Nicky Hilton finally be getting ready to marry her boyfriend of four years David Katzenberg? She sounded up for it at the Carousel of Hope Ball this week in Hollywood. Nicky told my LA gal: “David and I are doing great and are happier than ever. He’s amazing. We’ll have to wait and see about wedding bells. But hopefully you won’t be waiting too long. We’ve spoken about it and it’s something we both want but we’re in no rush.”

*Paris Hilton is on a mission to protest reports that she’s “too skinny”. She fumed at the 32nd Annual Carousel of Hope Ball: “I’m not too skinny! It really annoys me when people say I’m too skinny.
“I love my food and I am just naturally thin. Trust me, I’ll be tucking into my dinner tonight – I’m starving! I really wish people would stop obsessing about my weight. I eat but I just don’t have a big appetite. I’ll eat junk food but I’ll just have a bit rather than stuffing my face. I eat and I’m healthy – people should just get over it already.” Wow, take a chill pill doll!

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