Matt Goss talks Bros and babies ahead of his Royal Albert Hall gig

Posted by Dean Piper On October 17th, 2010


If this was 1987 I would have seriously squealed in delight at interviewing Bros legend Matt Goss.
And in 2010 the experience was still just as good. I met Matt this week at London’s Savoy Hotel as he flew into London to do a one-off performance of his critically acclaimed Las Vegas Caesar’s Palace revue show.
And Bros fans should talked getting their bottle top leather jackets ready – because Matt’s up for a reunion of the band. “We’ve had offers on the table for quite some time,” he revealed. “And I think Luke and myself would be up for it. I don’t think Craig would. I don’t see Bros as a three-piece band -  Craig left before we ended and before we played Wembley right before we stopped.
“I’m just pleased that we went out on a high selling out Wembley Stadium. They were crazy days and we were both so young.”
And ladies, the star, who split with long term partner Daisy Fuentes at the start of the year, is on a hung for a woman – and he’d even love to become a father. “I’ve only been a single man for eight months,” he said. “It’s not that long and it’s been a real challenge after so long in a relationship to find another girl.
“I’d hope I’d be able to settle down and find love. I’d love to be a father too.”
Read my full chat with Matt later today!

And catch Matt at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday (October 19) – tickets available at

Photography: With thanks to Steve Bainbridge

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