Dannii Minogue talks babies, love and boyfriend Kris Smith

Posted by Dean Piper On October 17th, 2010


Dannii Minogue’s a hawt new mumma, in a great relationship with boy toy Kris Smith and back on UK telly screens with X Factor. And this week she’s been speaking out about, well, her general happiness.

“I love being a mum. I loved the whole pregnancy actually – I didnt feel sick once. I loved seeing my belly grow and grow – and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.  Some one said to me the other days how is your skin so clear and your eyes so white and I’m like: “Well I have been on a detox for the past year!”
“And all these crazy stories about me being on this diet and that diet are not true. I have only just started to do exercise now I’m back on the telly every week. But I’m not rushing anything – I’m breast feeding for one and that is helping. It’s amazing to watch my tummy growing smaller all the time.” I bet.

But from the sounds of it Dan ought to get used to this pregnancy malarkey. “Kris really wants a big family, he’s already brought a seven seater people carrier and keeps asking when we’re going to fill it,” she squealed. “I’m like hold on a minute, give me a break! But we would like more …we’ve been very spoilt with Ethan because he’s such a good baby, he’s really chilled, sleeps through the night and never cries – how lucky are we?” Very lucky!

Dannii also said she’s pleased that both her and big sister Kylie (who’s happily settled with Andres Velencoso) have settled down…..finally! Dannii added: “Kylie and I have found our soul mates! It takes a certain type of man to be able to deal with it – they have to be prepared to take the back seat, and sit at the sidelines, while we do our thing. It takes a very strong man and lucky for us we have found those men.  And the best thing is they get on, they play golf together whilst Kylie and I are working – but then they are prepared to be at home while me and Kylie go out to play.”

Lucky, lucky, lucky ladies!

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