The night the London Film Festival and Keira Knightley let me down….

Posted by Dean Piper On October 13th, 2010

So tonight I drove into London to the Saatchi Gallery for the gala opening of the London Film Festival. The opening film is Never Let Me Go and stars Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and the new Spiderman Andy Garfield.
So I arrive all excited and up for a fun night out. I’m due to do snaps with the stars of the movie. What then happens is beyond annoying and deeply frustrating….
I’m told by Keira’s people that she “doesn’t do those pictures with journalists anymore”. Seconds later Carey Mulligan’s flunkies say the same. The Andy Garfield’s people say: “It won’t happen – he’s tired and pooped after a full day of promo.” It was one camera flash. A smile. And he could have left.
I was in the VIP room twenty feet away from Keira as she slid her shoes off and sat there looking over as she slurped her champagne. Carey swigged a tonic and they happily chatted – while Andy sat over in a different corner.
I’ve met Keira and Carey numerous times before and they were lovely girls. I actually grew up in the town next to Keira too – she was in Teddington and I was in Hampton. We discussed the local cheese market the last time we met at a bash.  She was thoroughly charming…..
Now it would seem the machine around Keira has gotten to big for it’s boots. Or has it? Is it the people around her? If so, why is she putting up with that? I’m a journo and I’ve met a truckload of names over my ten years of being in the showbiz scene. Last year at the London Film Festival George Clooney happily nattered and posed for a snap and was a true gent.
People like Keira need to remember the business that they’ve gotten themselves into. As an actress you can’t take just one little slice of the pie when it comes to being a ‘celebrity’. You have to work with journalists – of all types. I know the people behind her like Keira to stay high end, not talk private lots and to stay away from controversy. What makes me laugh about tonight is the fact that in the past I’ve stood up for that girl!
She’s moaned to me about how people have shredded her for her skinny limbs and how awful it made her feel (the truth is her top half is skinny as hell – but she’s always had legs and a bum). I’ve fought her corner on TV and in mags too and said how she’s fine in shape and size. Admittedly I love me a skinny girl…..but I’ve always thought Keira was fine. This was when the entire world was scarily looking at her bones!
The whole point of tonight is the fact that it wasn’t about a picture with people. I do enough of that (as you all know). It’s just that look of disgust the people around a celebrity give a journalist. It’s like we have a highly contagious disease.
We’re not all the same. We are not all tarnished with the same brush. The message to the likes of Keira, Carey and Andy is promote your film.
At least meet a journalist first and if you hate them then fine – or if they’ve screwed you over then fine too.
But don’t start pulling the “I’m too big to pose with a journalist” line. We were part of the fact you got to where you are today. Remember that…..
Until we meet again Keira, here’s the last time we met.


P.S. The London Film Festival looks amazing this year. I’m venting after a disappointing night. The festival will be a roaring success… always!

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