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Posted by Dean Piper On October 10th, 2010

WHICH gay pop star needs to stop offering sexual favours to his straight friends?  Especially as this particular star is already taken for! Doh!

*Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussycat Dolls is back in business judging for the Sky1′s Got To Dance. The auditions for the second series have been taking place in London all week.
Kim tells me she’s thrilled to be back alongside judges Adam Garcia and Ashley Banjo. “This show’s fantastic for me and it’s great that we all have different skills,” she says. “Last year we found some amazing talent and the show’s attracting more people this year. We saw over 500 acts in Glasgow alone. This year the prizes are bigger and so far the talent has been far better than last year too.”
She also spoke about moving on from Pussycat Dolls and going solo – and she sounded relieved to have moved on from the band that made her name, including lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. She said: “I’ve never felt so free and creatively free like I am today. The split didn’t really just come down to Nicole. There were a lot of elements. We were a brand and hired as employees – there was no freedom. If there had been a lot of changes then things would be different now.”

*Robbie Williams continues to broaden his mind, body and soul these days. And now he’s transforming himself into the next Picasso from the sounds of it! The star’s revealed in a new interview that he’s turned his garage in an artists studio in LA. The Robster, who is battling for Number One this week with his Gary Barlow duet Shame, revealed: “I’ve turned my garage into a studio. I’ve done six paintings in the last two weeks.
“I’m reallly pleased with them. A gallery has offered to buy some as well.
“It gives me the same buzz as music especially when you think you’ve got one right that you’ve spent all day on.
“I’m strictly into abstract at the minute because I’m not talented.
“But you know how you walk past a painting and go ‘I could fucking do that?’ Well, I’m actually fucking doing it.”
Well good for you, Rob!

*Pineapple Dance Studio’s Andrew Stone continues his descend into being one of the most deluded celebrities on the planet. But you have to admire the guys eternal optimism. This time around the camper-than-a-row-of-tents star claims Simon Cowell is his biggest fan. Andrew told me at this week’s Puma party: “Simon Cowell told me he is a massive fan of the show and I’m his favourite character. He said he was in LA watching the first episode in bed with his girlfriend and loved it so much that he had the rest of the episodes flown over.
“When he found out I had auditioned for X Factor years ago he gave his producer a dark look. I think he would like to sign me but can’t because Syco are in competition with Sky. But we’ve done so well doing it independently and have sold 12,000 downloads of our single.
Louis Walsh said I had a voice that is perfect for recording during the audition. Maybe he would want to sign me now but really I don’t need him.”
But he saved one last corker of a quote before he left the bash. Talking about whether he would be able to earn a Knighthood Andrew quipped: “Well, if Bruce Forsyth can’t get a knighthood then I won’t.”
He was being deadly serious. Words escape me.

*Russell Brand couldn’t be happier that his future wife Katy Perry is best friends with chartopper Rihanna. And Russell, who released his brilliant second memoirs Booky Wook 2 this week, says it could be having a positive influence on persuading Riri to wed her man Matt Kemp in the future. Russ says: “It’s kind of cool that Katy and Rihanna are friends I guess coz they are both popstars!
“She is chief hen, even though they call it bachelorette, I prefer hen, it’s a better image!! I don’t know if we have made Rihanna want to get married – but I have met her boyfriend and he is lovely. It’s not like I said: “Go on Rihanna, do the right thing, get married!”  Katy might have though, I don’t know, that’s girls talk. You don’t take much notice of what your wife’s best friends are doing, they’re like on the edge of your peripheries!”

*He already had Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom Rainbow. And now telly chef Jamie Oliver is trying to explain himself and his bonkers children’s names. Don’t forget he recently named his first born son Buddy Bear!
Jamie revealed: “I know people think that me and Jules call our kids stupid names but they’re just boring. I love Buddy Bear and the middle names are just a bit of fun, he’s just Buddy to me, and I think the girls are gonna love little Buddy when he grows up!!  Our house is pretty chaotic now with four kids, but Jules has it all under control and Poppy and Daisy are like her little helpers and they’re mini Mums to Blossom and Buddy.”

*Steps fans brace yourselves. Lee Latchford Evans has spoken out on the rumours about them reforming and he says it’s NOT happening….yet! Lee told me at this week’s London Lifestyle Awards: “The girls are married and having babies and you can’t suddenly get back together as it has to be right for everybody. We get offers all the time and it is always out there. But it just has to be right. I don’t want to do a Spice Girls reunion where it looks like you’re cashing in as I believe a lot of people do it for that. I believe we owe the fans a lot as the split was very quick and I think they deserve something back for that.” Steps fans – over to you.

*Donna Air sounds as if she’s sizing up options on where to go with her career. The mum-of-one has been pretty quiet of late bringing up daughter Freya. But it sounds as if she’s ready for a fresh new challenge. “I’m looking at some fashion TV projects but I’d really love to get back into acting,” she told me at this weeks Inspirational Women Awards. “There are always scripts floating about and always things to do. It would be nice to work on a really hard-hitting drama and be really brave and do something really dramatic.”
She also says she’s far from ready to embrace anti-ageing procedures like botox. She said: “I really don’t think young girls need any of that stuff. If I had to choose between botox or shoes then the shoes are going to get it every time. A dress lasts a lot longer. A dress is for life. Botox, what, lasts for 8 weeks?”

*Amber Le Bon took time out at make-up legend Bobbi Brown’s book launch party to dismiss rumours she has been dating Danny Cipriani and Sam Branson. The Duran Duran offspring told me: “I didn’t even know who Danny Cipriani was until I told the next day when I read the papers. We were going to the same club so decided to share a taxi. Nothing went on.
“And I’m not dating Sam Branson either, I’m definitely single at the minute. Sam is lovely but we’re just friends and nothing is going on between us.”
She also gave me her top style and beauty tips for when you’;re having a bad skin or hair day, ladies. “For bad hair days I make sure I have a great collection of hats and scarves to hide it,” she laughed. “Then when I have a bad hair day I make sure my hair is extra nice so hopefully it will detract anyone’s attention! We all get self conscious and I try and avoid looking in the mirror first thing in the morning. I think it’s so important that you take your make-up off properly before you go to bed and use good skin cream.” Good girl Amber!

*Shakira must have gotten a shock when she saw the new sketch by comedienne Katy Brand for her new TV show. The roly poly comic recreates Shakira’s She Wolf video in it’s entirety (complete with skin tight outfit and cage) in an new episode of her show. And Shakira, who also appears in the special, couldn’t help but giggle at the final results. My source reveals: “Shakira was in hysterics about the whole sketch. She couldn’t believe the trouble Katy went to to recreate the video.”


*Cherri V (above) is a female solo artist that I’m genuinely excited about. Her new track The Show is flicking my switch big time and currently getting lots of radio airplay. Formerly of girlband Trinity Stone alongside Sugababe Jade Ewen, Cherri is also the niece of soul diva Mica Paris. Check her out!

*With all my trips to LA I’ve grown accustomed to frozen yoghurt to spot a celeb or two. And it seems like London’s trendy Hampstead is following suit with the opening of the Yogurtry on the High Street. Already Melanie Sykes, Kate Hudson, Helena Bonham Carter, Lee Mead and Mel C have popped by!

*I had a right old treat this week when celeb chef Richard Corrigan invited me on the London Eye for a four course meal including jellied lobster and eel and grouse pie! It was to promote the London Restaurant Festival.
Gordon Ramsay hosted a London Eye evening on Friday night and this week Janet Street-Porter hosts the ’2010 London Restaurant Big Debate’ on a foodie subject at King’s Place.

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