Kanye West lets off steam at London premiere of his new short film Runaway

Posted by Dean Piper On October 10th, 2010

With an ego as big as his bank balance it’s no surprise to discover that Kanye West Googles himself. But strangely the rapper is more upset about the pictures that pop up under his name than any of the stuff written about him!
He said: “I wish I could take certain outfits from the past off Google. But I was young.”
Talking at the premiere of his new short-film Runaway in London, which features music from his brilliant new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy out November 22, the rapper confessed to having a cry over being dissed by the fashion industry.
He added: “I started tearing up when I thought of people that told me I couldn’t go to fashion shows. I was inspired by the people who weren’t in the room in Paris last week who didn’t come to see my film as they think I’m a f**king celebrity or a f**king rapper or just the jerk from the news clips. I even went to Balenciaga with a hoodie on. It’s not about sitting in the front rows. I’ve never been to a fashion show in order to promote an album. They look down on celebrities but the great thing about Michael Jackson’s This Is It is the amount of Ed Hardy he wears and he’s meant to be the No 1 fashion icon of all times.” Say whatever you like Kanye – Ed Hardy is wrong.

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