A family feud on the year anniversary of Boyzone star Stephen Gately's death

Posted by Dean Piper On October 10th, 2010

It’s been a year since the pop world lost one of it’s true greats, Boyzone star Stephen Gately.
And it’s sad that a year on from that tragic day the Gately family and the singer’s widower Andrew Cowles have fallen out.
I can reveal the family of the deceased star have been battling with Stephen’s husband Andrew over the past few weeks about where Gately’s ashes should be scattered and it seems neither party could come to an agreement.  So sadly Andrew will not be present when the star’s ashes are scattered on the anniversary of his death today in Ireland.
Sources say Cowles is distraught that Gately’s ashes are not with him in London where they lived together for years before his death. Steo’s parents Margaret and Martin, along with his band mate Keith Duffy and other close friends, will scatter his ashes in Dalkey Bay followed by a remembrance service today.
A source close to the Gately family revealed: “This is all very messy and unpleasant. It’s a year on from Steo’s death and this fall out is the last thing he would have wanted.
“There’s an issue over who has the ashes and where they should be scattered. Andy and Steo’s family aren’t seeing eye to eye over it.
“They are all still very raw and emotional over his death a year ago and there is still a lot of hurt and anguish on both sides.
“As things stand Andy isn’t attending the scattering of the ashes. It’s a great shame because he was his husband after all. It’s just one of those things.”
Andy has instead requested that some of the ashes be returned to him so he can stage his own scattering at a place he feels is special to them both.
The star died a year ago after suffering a heart attack in the Majorca holiday home he shared with his businessman husband.
Gately’s family are planning tomorrow’s service as a final send-off to the singer and chose Dalkey Bay as it was one of his favourite places to escape from the pressures of fame during the height of his Boyzone success.
The source added: “Steo’s mum, dad and family will all be there. Keith Duffy and friends like Gerald Kean and Lisa Murphy will also attend.
“But Andy won’t be making the trip over. There’s just too much tension and ill feeling around this. The family have invited him to attend though.
“Steo’s mum and dad are still trying to come to terms with what happened. They feel in their hearts they are doing the right thing by scattering his ashes in Dalkey.
“But they know Steo wouldn’t have wanted all this falling out and fussing. It’s a great shame.”
Indeed it is. It’s a day we should all be remembering Stephen for his heart and soul. RIP.

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  1. may Says:

    well, as you know, andrew is the husband of stephen, he was battled and saved stephen since 2003 they met. eventhough their relationship was up and down. this was the way stephen chose. and remember that what did the parents had done when stephen was so depressing and just like a zumbie when he was so down from the spit of the band and ex-boyfriend eloy de jong? had the parents pulled him out from then? No NO NO. we should thanked David Furnish and Sir Elta John. and ofcourse Andrew. Just think what if Stephen was not with Andrew , what do you think Steo would be? He might killed himself then agree? so Stephen was kind of secure to be with Andrew at least and he finally find himself back . so the family should let Andrew has some of steo ashes for whatever reason, Andrew might bring it along with him to everywhere, in his office or in their second home in Majoca or anywhere that Andrew think it might be. For me i feel so proud if my husband keeping my ashes. So why steo’s family was soooo tough soooo bossy for this final things? Where were they while Steo was such a zumbie? I just don’t understand why at this moment Steo was pass and then the parents come out to fight for this and that. If the Gately is really really want Stephen happy, they should let go and not make all this falling out and fussing, it just a big shame, corse you are the parents and you always would love to sacrify for your son at last. Why don’t just let Steo sleep tight with his most love Andrew Cowles? May God bless Andrew Cowles!!

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