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Posted by Dean Piper On October 3rd, 2010

*This years Mobo Awards are shaping up rather nicely from the sounds of it.
Performers on the evening have just been announced. So far Alesha Dixon, JLS, N-Dubz and Professor Green will be strutting their stuff on October 20 at the event in Liverpool.
I’m still hoping the awards are going to sign the all important HUGE American star like they always used to. Let’s hope they bag that big gun!


WHICH blonde pop songstress is cheating on her man and thinks she’s getting away with it? You mark my words – she isn’t!

Dermot O'leary Album Launch

*Dermot O’Leary has become buddies with Victoria Beckham after running into the star on a transatlantic flight. The X Factor host told me at the launch of his The Saturday Sessions compilation album (out October 4) over a beer this week: “I was on a flight to LA, reading a paper and I look I look up and see Victoria, she is like: “Hi you, how are you?” Later on I was tucking into my dinner about two hours later and she comes along and perches on the end of my bed. She says: “Can I borrow you a moment to come and have a drink.” It was the best night of my life.
“She is so funny and the great thing was she gave me these amazing sleeping pills. They just wipe you out, are they stronger than night nurse, hell yeah. She said: “I will warn you, I will remember nothing about what I say to you after taking this.” I just laughed.
“Next morning, we are walking out the airport and I mentioned something we had been talking about and she said: “Did I tell you that?”" Hilarious!
Dermy went on to talk about the David Beckham cheating scandal and he’s clearly Team Beckham. He said: “It’s insane. Any man that would want to cheat on VB is mad. She’s an incredible woman and so fun.” I couldn’t agree more!

*Hot new singer Mike Posner seems to be causing waves right now. Think Jason Mraz meets Taio Cruz. The American star is already a hit with one of my favourite British acts, Florence & The Machine. I hear that Flo has asked Mike to remix some of her tunes to target her American audience. Get in. His single Cooler Than Me is out November 8.

*Paris Hilton learns a lesson with Swedish House Mafia in their new documentary film Take One. I caught a screening of the film this week and there’s a brilliant moment where the heiress storms the DJ booth in Miami and a fight breaks out between Steve Angello and one of Paris’ entourage. The DVD will be released in November – it’s worth a look!

*It sounds like Saturdays star Mollie King is slightly prudish about JLS’ decision to endorse a condom line. The Higher singer told me at Pixie Lott’s new Lipsy fashion range bash: “I’m not sure what we could release in competition to JLS’ condoms. We’ve already endorsed Tampax. Definitely not diaphragms. No Rochelle hasn’t been given us freebies and I definitely haven’t bought any. I’m staying well away as that’s it seems so wrong just to even think about it!”
Pretty Mollie also tells me she’s still flat hunting for a new home. She revealed: “I still haven’t found a flat and I’ve been looking for two years. I really need to find somewhere though because the paparazzi know where I live and they are now constantly waiting outside of house. It makes me worried now about taking bins out without make-up on but now I just put a big hoodie on and wear sunglasses.” Or get your man to do it Mol!

*Pixie Lott’s mum Beverley decided to set the record straight about the singer’s love life this week. The celebrity mum spilled the beans on whether or not her daughter was dating model Oliver Cheshire. Speaking at Pixie’s Lipsy clothing launch she revealed: “They are seeing each other but don’t know when to make it official. I think she is waiting for him to ask her to be his girlfriend and he is waiting for her to ask him to be her boyfriend.”
And it doesn’t sound like Babs is fully enamoured with the star’s new beau. She added: “Yes, I have seen those shirtless pictures of Oliver. I don’t think he is handsome in the face but he’s definitely striking. But yes, I do approve of them together.”

*It sounds like Sugababe Heidi Range’s fall last week was even worse than we all thought. Bandmate Jade Ewen reveals: “She has to have her chin glued together. They can’t stitch it otherwise she’ll have scars. We were meant to be going to Bulgaria this week but we’ve now had to cancel all gigs for the foreseeable future because she can barely talk let along sing.” Get well soon Heidi!

*New Strictly star Scott Maslen sounds like he’s pulling everything out of the bag to win the competition. The lady magnet says he’s going skimpy in one of his up and coming performances. He revealed: “I have got a got a little Speedo number at the ready. I will not wax my chest though as I’m 40 next year and that’s wrong. It was like a mohawk down there so I had to trim it and tame the beast.” Too much info!

*Corrie’s Ryan Thomas is a bit of a stud. And it sounds like he has some proper crazy fans. Literally. Speaking at the Inside Soap Awards he revealed: “I get women throwing themselves at me at nightclub appearances and they are pretty crazy.
“But I do have one lady who has been so bad I can’t really talk about her because she’s been sectioned. She was crazy though. Everyone that was associated with me had dagger marks in their heads and all that. It was pretty crazy.” Sounds scary!

Innocent 5 for 5 cafe  opens for business

*Top telly chef Gizzi Erskine (above centre) may look like a cute lil’ Princess but nobody’s perfect! Speaking as she launched the Innocent pop-up 5for5 cafe this week she told me: “Everyone thinks that I’ll be the perfect housemate as I always whip up something healthy when I come back from work. It doesn’t matter how tired I am I’ll always cook something quick rather than have a ready meal. I never have one of those. But what they don’t know is that I have really smelly feet so I’m not really all that perfect.” Minging!

*Andrea McLean has embarked on a brand new venture. She’s started up a new building and interiors company called 3 Synergy. I popped along for a glass of fizz with the Loose Women host and she told me: “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m incredibly excited to be branching out. It’s about managing and planning a house build from start to finish.” Nice!
Denise Welch provided the laughs on the evening. As per usual. I asked how she was and she quipped: “Oh I’m fine but I thought it was a good idea to have a party with friends last night and at 4am I was wrapped up like a mummy in bandages with an apple in my mouth.” Just an average night then…..
Log onto for more info on Andrea’s company.

3 Responses to “The rest of this weeks column…..”

  1. Kat Says:

    Pixie Lott’s mother needs to hush her mouth!! Oliver Cheshire is not only gorgeous,but he’s one of the nicest guys u could ever meet.
    He comes from a lovely family too,so Pixie’s mother has no clue what she’s on about.
    If she hasn’t got anything nice to say,then she should hush up,cos what she said was very disrespectful!!!!
    She’ll be the 1st to complain if Oliver was to strike back and say something bad about her or her daughter,but unlike her,he has CLASS

  2. Jayden Says:

    wow,Pixie’s mom is really rude!!
    Sounds like she thinks no-one is good enough for her kid.She prob wants her to be throwing herself at arrogant idiots like Chipmunk,just cos it will get good press.
    I’ve only heard good things about Oliver from ppl who have worked with him.He is apparantly a very,very good guy
    Non of the females i know would describe him as not handsome.
    That was extremely rude of Pixie’s mother,she should be ashamed for embarassing both Oliver and her daughter

  3. Justine Says:

    I agree. He isn’t very handsome, he’s a bit odd looking and has a great body. Its the body getting him attention. He looks like an average chav otherwise though

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