James Corden's keep fit campaign – with PM David Cameron's personal fitness trainer!

Posted by Dean Piper On October 3rd, 2010

They say impending parenthood can change a person.
And it would seem the prospect of becoming a dad is having a severe effect on my favourite funny guy James Corden’s life. He’s finally ditching his unhealthy ways and is on a strict diet and work out regime.
He’s even hired Prime Minister David Cameron’s trainer Matt Roberts to help him achieve a new figure in time for the arrival of his child in Spring next year.
James told me: “I’ve hired Matt and I’ve done nine sessions. I’m three weeks off bread, alcohol and potatoes. No beer-  just Diet Coke now. I’ve ditched everything fun in life. Nah, I’m joking. It’s time I started addressing my health. And I guess with a baby on the way it seemed like the perfect time. I’m doing fine so far and haven’t had any slip ups but the work out regimes are exhausting and this Matt really works you hard. I’m surprised he doesn’t bring a whip.
“My friends are all supporting me with it and I’m feeling one hundred per cent better for doing it. It was just time for me to think about the future. But who’d have thought I’d have the same trainer as the PM eh?” Indeed!
But hilariously the League of their Own star is making sure that nobody catches him in full swing by going in under the cover of darkness to make sure no dodgy pap shots of him exercising are revealed. “That would be embarrassing,” he said at the launch of Dermot O’Leary’s The Saturday Sessions album. “So I won’t be revealing where I’m working out. That would be a nightmare. I’ve been into Matt’s place in London a few times and last time Michael McIntyre was in the changing room the other day when I’d finished my work out.
“We were both there red faced and panting. Not exactly our usual look. Seriously though, I’m actually really enjoying exercising. I’ve not got a goal weight wise. I want to feel and look healthier. That’s all.”
Meanwhile the actor and comedian is getting ready to become a dad and finishing off his major work commitments before fatherhood duties settle in. “I’m currently working on the new Three Musketeers movie,” he said. “Which I’m excited about, then another series of my Sky series League of Their Own and then I’ll be in rehearsals for my play at the National Theatre. Being on stage for a show will work perfectly for me because I can spend my days with the baby and then be at work in the evening.
“I just can’t wait to be a dad.”
And what a yummy daddy he will be by then!

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