EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick

Posted by Dean Piper On October 3rd, 2010

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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick granted me his only UK press interview this week when he flew in to London to make a short film for the new Nokia N8. The flick was shot entirely in HD on the phone itself and co-starred Dev Patel.
During his break on set the star told me he had quite a soft spot for newly single star Cheryl Cole. He revealed: “Cheryl is like gorgeous. I have got a soft spot for the Geordie accent. My dad is from the North East and i used to go up there when i was a kid and here the soft Geordie accents. I’d love to hook Cheryl up with a cameo in Gossip Girl. I don’t watch X Factor as they don’t have it in the States. But maybe i could show Cheryl the way of the dragon when she comes over her next.” Over to you Chezza!

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The English star, who stars opposite Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen in the hit US show, tells me he has a perfect way of never getting homesick too.“There is an English shop in the West Village in Manhattan,” he laughed. “It has everything man like Monster Munch – I’m all about the Monster Munch, Curly Wurly’s, Polos. To get a bottle of Ribena sent out to me it cost over £15 for a large bottle. It’s still too much for my wages.” Somehow I doubt that Ed!

The star denied any rifts forming between cast members following his split from the show’s other star Jessica Szohr. The pair split earlier this year and he was said to have forced cast members to side with him following the break-up. But he says all is peachy on set these days. “I have seen that people have been saying there have been lots of off-screen rifts. There is absolutely no truth in that. Everyone is cool man,” he added.

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He also says he’s down to earth despite his huge global success with the show. Ed laughed: “I don’t have an assistant. The girls on Gossip Girl have assistants. I don’t need an assistant. I’m not paying someone to go and grab me a coffee or anything like that, I can do it myself. I don’t even drink coffee. I’ll do it myself. My life is very far from glamorous and I’m not showbiz. That’s just not where I am from. I’m not a Hollywood kid. I am ambitious but I don’t aspire to be that kind of person. I am who I am and I wear my heart of my sleeve. The best times I have are absolutely still being with my boys who I went to school with.”

Sounds like he has his feet firmly on the ground!

*Ed Westwick is starring alongside Dev Patel and Pamela Anderson as part of the cast for ‘The Commuter’, a short film being shot entirely in HD on the new Nokia N8

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