Mary J Blige wants to work with Lady Gaga

Posted by Dean Piper On October 2nd, 2010


Soul Queen Mary J Blige gave me a bell this week to talk about her up and coming tour in the UK. And she also couldn’t help but confess to loving Lady Gaga – and asked me to get the word out there for her! Mary told me: “Lady Gaga’s pretty dope live too. I haven’t caught her show yet but I’ve seen her perform at the awards shows. She’s a frickin’ genius.
“I’d never wear that meat dress – no way. But I’m sure she’d have me and I’d love to do a song with her. Get the word out there. When that day comes it’s going to be great.”
She also told me to expect 100 per cent live vocals in her concert. “I’m singing every single thing” she pointed out. “Shock horror. It’s rare. Everyone’s got pro tools and auto-tune and something helping them along these days but I have to sing each and every one. I dance, do the rest. I’m like a machine.
She also says there’s only one album we should all be listening too right now – Drake’s Thank Me Later. She enthused: “I’m listening to Drake right now. That album is sick. That’s pretty much it right now. He’s got the best album right now in hip hop and r n’ b. Leona Lewis is so soulful and beautiful looking too. She’s up there with the Beyonce and Rihanna’s of the world. They have talent and you have to respect it.” And we have to respect people like Mary – one of the showbiz world’s true stars.
She plays Birmingham, London and Manchester at the start of November. Tickets at

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