James Blunt launches new album Some Kind of Trouble in London

Posted by Dean Piper On October 2nd, 2010


I caught up with my old mucker James Blunt this week as he launched his brilliant new third album Some Kind of Trouble with a gig in London. And doesn’t he look happy to see me!
This time around the sound is more upbeat and lively but still with the killer lyrics you come to expect from him. And he’s focusing on the UK and Europe for this release before tackling America once more. He told me: “If you do America with an album then it’s at least six months of being over there and it’s tiring. I’m concentrating on Europe and the UK for now. It’s had a great reaction so far and it’s doing well on radio so we’ll have to wait and see.
“Then once Europe is done I’ll go over to the States and fingers crossed it’ll work there once again.”
If you ask me James has nothing to worry about with this album – it’s a sure fire hit.

Blunty’s new single Stay The Night is out October 25.

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