This weeks column including London Fashion Week, Jordan, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, Fearne Cotton and Kylie Minogue!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 19th, 2010

*Oh neigh, oh neigh. ­Andrew Gould is ­galloping into the life of Katie Price and her ­hubby Alex Reid.
I hear the pair have agreed the horse-riding trainer can board his animals in the grounds of their new home.
My source tells me: “This means Andrew will basically have to be in their lives every day as he sees to his horses.
“There’s no question he was a factor in the breakdown of Kate’s first marriage to Peter Andre.
“Peter was never comfortable with Andrew being around so much. But Kate’s happy as it will mean she’ll have an expert on board when it comes to her horses and Andrew’s ­saving cash. So it works for them both.”
And my source says Alex is far from happy about the union of their equestrian collection in East ­Grinstead, West Sussex.
“Alex thinks it’s a bit of a silly idea and is wary of Andrew,” says my mole. “He’s heard the stories but is going along with it because he’s been told it’s happening.”
Let us not forget it was pictures of Katie and Andrew canoodling in a nightclub that split Mr and Mrs Andre up.
Andrew has always denied anything untoward happening and said at the time: “I’m not interested in her that way. There’s no reason for Pete to be jealous. It was innocent.”
Meanwhile, I hear Katie has again been secretly boozing her socks off minus her hubby. My spies in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, tell me she was on raving form at Warford Hall last weekend with her gay pals Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner in tow.
“Her behaviour was outrageous,” says my mole. “She was tanked up to the max and ended up forcing her way onto the stage and trying to sing. She was hassling the organisers for ages but they managed to keep her off the microphone.
“She looked out of control and didn’t care who saw her. The boys eventually had to practically carry her out.” That’s the Jordan I’ve always known and secretly loved!

Dean Piper with Fearne Cotton at SS11 show

*It’s Sky1′s Must Be The Music final tonight and Fearne Cotton is blooming excited about hosting the live event tonight at Wembley Arena. I caught up with the star as she launched her fantastic brand new fashion range this week and she told me: “Must Be The Music has been a show that I’m the most proud of. It was never meant to be a show that rivaled X Factor. It’s meant to be one that celebrates proper talent from scratch. Proper musicians and we have found that talent. Two of our acts have made it into the top ten. So it shows that it worked.
“There’s talk of a second series and I’d love to be involved. It’s one of the shows I’m proudest of being involved in. The judges have been far better than any other show too. I love the way Dizzee Rascal tells people to sod off.”
Newly engaged Fearne, who hung with her future hubby Jesse Jenkins at the soiree,  also tells me she hopes to get another series of ‘Fearne and…’ commissioned. “If we can get the people signed up then we’ll hopefully be able to do another – I still want Lohan,” she said. That would be telly gold!
Watch the Must Be The Music live final on Sky1 HD at 7pm tonight!


WHICH star parties harder than your average pop star! This singer told me recently that she was ‘rushing’ on a acid trip. Sexy! Not!

*Nancy Dell’Olio and Celia Walden swung by the launch of the GQ Man of the Year Exhibition at the Richard Young Gallery this week. Both the ladies stuck around to see some of celebrity photographer Richard’s infamous shots from the GQ awards over the years. Check out

*Cheryl Cole was back to work yesterday whittling down her final four contestants for this year’s X Factor finals in the judges houses. On her arm was Black Eyed Peas mastermind at a country house in Ascot.
But I hear Will has had more than a little bit of influence on Cheryl’s new album and essentially the next ‘phase’ in her solo career. He’s made her give all her dance team and choreographers the axe in favour for the Black Eyed Peas choreographing team. My mole says: “All the guys that she worked with her on the last album and all the public performances have been laid off essentially and she’s working with a new team for more urban and out there dance routines. She wants the overall look for this next album to be completely different altogether and give her the wow factor. She will be dancing with butch male dancers – no girls aloud.” Good luck to her.

*She may have pouted her way through Burberry’s 2008 Spring/Summer campaign alongside Agyness Deyn but I Blame Coco frontlady Coco Sumner reckons she has no sense of style.
She told me: “Fashion is very alien to me. I just get the first thing that’s clean out of my bag and that’s it. I’ve never really quite got fashion. I was brought up to dress up smart for occasions but none of my band dress up on stage.”
And the daughter of Sting wants to make her career a family affair by getting her little brother involved in her music videos as she doesn’t like appearing herself.
“We’re going to shoot another video in November but I don’t want to be in the videos to be honest. I could get a Coco double – maybe I’ll get my little brother and put a wig on him.”
Love it!

*Her life may be in tatters but Coleen Rooney’s still got her priorities right – being a WAG! My moles spotted the heartbroken star popping into her local Cheshire hairdressers to buy a set of big new heated curlers. My source says: “They’re designed to give your bonnet a bigger bounce.” Whatever she does I’m sure Wayne won’t notice…..

*Kim Kardashian flew into town this week to promote her E! Entertainment reality show and couldn’t stop talking about the amount of junk in her perfectly rounded trunk! She said: “I’m a huge fan of British style. One of my favourite designers is Victoria Beckham and I love her dresses. I feel that girls with curves look even better in them than girls without. I totally feel that they are made for girls with curves because they are so form-fitting and sometimes I think that when a girl with curves wears something a little bit looser to try and hide it a bit then they can look a little heavier than what they really are. I think Victoria’s dresses are so flattering to my bodyshape. I’ve not really felt the need to conform. I think that I think I have got such a positive body image on being more curvy. That’s who I am and I can’t really change that.” How refreshing to hear a Hollywood gal saying that, eh!
And Victoria needn’t worry about sportsman friendly Kim trying it on with David Beckham in Hollywood. She laughed: “I am absolutely a fan of British men. Their accent are dreamy. I love a good accent. I’ve not dated a British man. Should I? I can’t really think of any hot British men. David Beckham is married and I stay away from married men.” Phew!

*Charlotte Church’s new album Back To Scratch is an interesting move. More folk style than her last pop effort. And I like it. The star was on fire performing tracks from the album this week and in typical Char form managed to get a little controversial when talking about the X Factor. She revealed: “I’m not bothered I don’t wanna watch X Factor – it’s just become so predictable now, it’s the same every year, same stories!  Surely there can’t be anymore talent out there?!”
But she will be watching former lover Gavin Henson when he competes on Strictly. She added: “I’m not surprised he’s doing Strictly ¨C Gavin always tried to dance!  But I have a feeling that with some professional help he might just pull it out the bag. He’s very co ordinated and he’s strong so he’ll be able to do all the lifts.” Indeed!

*Soho House Toronto was the place to be seen this week at the Toronto International Film Festival. The Grey Goose vodka was flowing aplenty on Wednesday for distinguished guests including Dame Helen Mirren and hunky Sam Worthington following the premiere of their film Debt.

*Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite tour seems to be coming along swimmingly if you ask me. Speaking at the Kid premiere this week Kylie, an NSPCC ambassador, revealed: “I’ve still got a lot of work to do for the tour but we are up and running and are looking out for certain things and certain styles. There will be a touch of the Showgirl. “I want to go everywhere with this tour. I mean anywhere. Interestingly tours these days are 2 hours and they usually try and haul me off stage at the 2.5 hour mark and I still want to do more singing or something. We are figuring out what people love from the shows, what they may not be expecting but might thrill them, and making sure there are moments which are thrilling for me because I have to do it every night. So it’s a very exciting time.”
I’ll be happy with the golden oldies Kyles – think Shocked, Hand on my Heart and Step Back in Time!

*Nadine Coyle’s new single Insatiable is a great slice of pop music – and hey, so is Cheryl Cole’s new track Promise This. Two different kettles of fish! But Nadine wishes the pair were not up against each other in the popularity stakes! She revealed this week: “I wish there wouldn’t be a chart battle – I really do….I wish that people didn’t love battles so much!! As always I’m really looking forward to hearing what Cheryl is doing, I know it will be amazing and it’s a shame it just happens to be at the same time my single and album are out. I know that’s what they’ll focus on ¨C the battle. So I’m just going to do my own thing concentrate on that – keep it a genuine campaign about nothing else apart from the music. We’d already decided when we would put my stuff out and then found out Cheryl was doing hers then too….what can you do?” Suck it up, Nads!

*Eva Mendes sounds like she would be a pants stunt girl. At the Other Guys premiere the lady herself told me: “It would maybe have been nice to get in there a little bit with the stunt action. But I would have to be clumsy with it. I’m not the girl you want with a gun. I don’t trust myself with a gun.” Run for cover.

*Zac Efron sounds like he’s pining to work with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens even though their High School Musical days have only just ended. Zac told me at the Charlie St. Cloud premiere this week: “I would absolutely love to work with Vanessa again in the future. We do indeed sing around the house together, we sing all the time. started young together – learnt on our feet, everything happened so fast with High School Musical, and she’s been with me everystep of the way, so she understands, she’s some one who I can moan to with out it sounding bad, we’ve gone though it all together and she handles it so much better than me!  I don’t know if I could’ve done it with out her you know!”
Zac did make me chuckle when he pitched up sporting newly grown comedy beard. And it sounds like Vanessa’s less than enamoured with the new growth! He added: “Vanessa says my beard is itchy. Probably Robert Pattinson has the better beard out of the two of us.” You can say that again Zac – razor for one!

All the gossip (so far) from London Fashion Week…..


Poppy Delevingne and me at the Links of London bash at the Ivy Club

*Footballer Jamie O’Hara’s future bride Danielle Lloyd has an unusual take on soccer players that cheat! She says it’s not their fault! She told me at The Look Show: “I don’t think it’s the footballers fault, I think it is the girls that go out there and it’s put on a plate to them. Obviously they can say no but at the same time it is these girls who are throwing themselves at them and they just want to go out there and make a quick buck. It’s just pretty sad. If Jamie goes out obviously I trust him but it’s the girls that you don’t trust. The girls see an opportunity to make money and sell stories.” Righty ho!

*Diana Vickers is a girl on a mission to expand her talents into the fashion world. The chart topping Once singer told me at The Look Show: “I hope I’ll have my own fashion line one day. I think I need to be more educated in it. I’m 19 and I’m discovering more about fashion and what cuts, trends and styles I like and am really getting into it so I hope to have a bit more experience. I would want to do it for the high street.”
She also revealed she wants to get back into acting at some point too – after her critically acclaimed run as the lead in Little Voice on the West End. “I’d love to do the theatre again and a film,” she said. “I really want to get hands on with acting. I would love to do a film because it’s something that would really interest me. I want to do something really gritty. I don’t know if I would want to do a musical, I really want something more intense and straight.”

*Pixie Lott’s love life is so confusing these days. She’s been on the arm of hot model Oliver Cheshire for the past few weeks and was rumoured to have been dating Professor Green back in the summer.
But at Friday night’s fabulous Ciroc vodka sponsored PPQ party after their show Pixie seemed to make a more definite statement. Pixie, Oliver and Professor Green were all on the guestlist for the show and the uber exclusive bash and only Oliver managed to turn up! A source tells me: “Oliver was wondering around aimlessly as if he was looking for Pixie. She wasn’t there and nor was Professor Green. They both failed to turn up for the show earlier at Somerset House too. Oliver ended up looking down in the dumps and left the after show on his own.”

*Daisy Lowe looks effortlessly chic as she steps out on the catwalk at the BodyAMR show yesterday in London. The brand, favoured by the likes of Florence and the Machine, isn’t the only company after Daisy’s enviable frame at London Fashion Week. I hear she’ll walk in Pam Hogg’s show this week coming too….
But it was a different story on Thursday evening. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife when Daisy finished her DJ set at the exclusive Ivy Club bash to celebrate Cat Deeley’s Links of London jewellery range. The model came face to face with her ex-Mark Ronson’s current squeeze Josephine De La Baume and Daisy didn’t exactly look happy about it. I watched when Josephine pitched up and came thundering into the DJ booth and it was far from comfortable to watch. A pal of Daisy’s told me after: “She was a little pissed that Josephine was booked to take over from her. It seemed contrived and made to cause a stir. She didn’t want to cause a scene and left immediately – like anybody would.”

*Fashion Week seems to put the craziest things in a man’s head! Just ask George Lamb. “I’d love to be the male version of Victoria Beckham,” he told me at this week’s Tag Heauer bash at Selfridges. “It would be amazing to be known as that. She’s a top woman and she’s at the top of her game. Especially as five years ago no-one would wanted to have touched her stuff and she was very uncool. She’s both critically and commercially successful.” The guy has a point!

*Theo from Hurts sounds like he fitted right in at the Armani headquarters in Milan last week. The immaculately dressed pop star – who was celebrating getting to number four in the album charts this week – told me: “Armani HQ is mad. All the women have pencil skirts and look like models. They wear shades all the time. And all the guys look like male models and they’re in the adverts for the brand. It was amazing. And we were lucky enough to blag a few suits too.” Lucky boys.
Hurts play the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Saturday October 9. Log onto for tickets – and I’ll see you there!!

*Martine McCutcheon has big plans afoot for getting herself back into the music and acting scene! The former EastEnder is going to start working on new material with boyfriend Jack McManus and told me at the MontBlanc bash this week: “I’m going to be getting back into music next year and Jack is going to be helping me out on my album. We’re very fiery when we work together and we do row as we work as we’re so passionate. We’ve already created three songs together. I can’t believe it’s been four years since I’ve performed live. I’ve got two record labels that have always said that they will always have me back whenever I want to because I started in the industry so young. But I’ll see as maybe Jack and I can set up our own thing.” Martine also told me she may be starting a new film in two weeks time. Sounds all go!

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