This weeks column featuring Nadine Coyle, Jamiroquai, Eva Longoria, Lily Allen, Gemma Arterton and Hayley Atwell

Posted by Dean Piper On September 13th, 2010

*Sad news for Girls Aloud fans – it appears the band’s lead singer Nadine Coyle has ended that chapter in her life.
I hear the star is now affectionately referring to her time in the band as “the past” and has vowed never to perform as part of the chart topping five-some again. My source reveals: “Nadine’s moved on with her life in many ways. She loved her time there but feels lately things have changed dramatically. She’s not intending on performing with them again and has told her pals that she’s no longer part of the band.
“She always says when I ‘was’ performing with band and when I ‘was’ part of the band. It really is like a new chapter in her life is beginning now with her solo career.”
But the Girls Aloud future looked even bleaker last week when Cheryl Cole was quoted saying she wouldn’t be back with the girls for another year at least while she promotes her new album.
My sources say relations between Nadine and the girls has been far from happy over the past few months. “They are not in touch at all,” adds my mole. “Nadine swears she’s tried to get in touch with them all but not heard anything back. It’s like they’ve turned their back on her. It’s reached a natural end when it comes to Nadine being in the band. She’ll never forget the experience of being part of pop history but she has to make her solo career work now. That’s the priority.
“She knows the girls have not been a support to her of late – not even congratulating her on the new single. And that just shows how far they’ve grown apart. With the amount of animosity they have against her now it would be physically impossible for them to regroup.”
And if the fantastic new tracks that I’ve heard this week are anything to go by then she’s onto a real winner. It’s pure pop at it’s best and her voice has never sounded better.
As I revealed a few weeks back, Nadine’s bringing out her new album exclusively through Tesco under her own record label Black Pen. And yesterday Nadine was making a big start on her solo career and shooting the video for her debut single Insatiable in LA.
Directed by legendary director Wayne Isham – responsible for all the big 80s rock videos by Bon Jovi, Metalica and the ultimate rock bad boys Motley Crue. A source tells me: “In one of the scenes Nadine will be in a scene with water drizzling down on her – proper rock chick style. It’s going to be quite epic and on a grand scale.”
Nadine herself told me about her future this week too – and she’s clearly excited. Nad said: “I have these visions when I think about being a popstar of watching a Diva’s Live concert in Vegas and seeing women in amazing long gowns singing their hearts out. The light show’s amazing, the band are tight and the backing singers are going crazy. That’s what my dream of being a singer was. It still is! Being able to sing with the full back-up of a live-band songs that every line means the world to you.”
And I say good luck to her! She’ll do just fine without the Girls!

*Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay has been a wee bit quiet of late. But all that’s about to change.
I watched the star perform five new tracks from the bands brand new album Rock Dust Light Star this week. And I have to say it’s a return to form. Jay told me afterwards that he’s spent as much time as possible on this record – four YEARS in fact! “The last thing I wanted was to have a record company grabbing me by the bollocks and telling me what to do,” Jay said. “So we went away and did our thing and it’s really for the fans. I didn’t want it to be about me dancing around on a lit dancefloor again – that’s the past and I was conscious of making a new record but with our classic sound.”
Being the former playboy that he is, we had to talk ladies too. And he says he’s fine and dandy on that front. He said: “I may be 40 now and my body feels that age but fortunately my old boy is still young and ready to go. There are one or two ladies on the scene. But I’m technically single.”
He also spoke out about his former love Denise Van Outen and wished her well after the recent birth of her first daughter Betsy. “I really wish her all the best with her little girl,” he gushed. “I’m so pleased for her and she seems happy. I haven’t seen her for ages but I hope she’s doing good.” Also at he launch was the pretty Pixie Lott…with her man Oliver Cheshire…..

*Jack McManus played a blinding set at the Donna Karan bash. Watched – slightly randomly – by Rugby star Lawrence Dallaglio – he played an acoustic set of tracks from his latest album. His single Heart Attack is out this week. Later in the night he met up with his Activia living girlfriend Martine McCutcheon. Cute couple alert!

*Dionne Bromfield continued to bleat on about her Godmother Amy Winehouse at this week’s Juicy Couture bash for Vogue’s Fashion Night in. But Dionne did let slip that things are far from over with Amy’s latest flame Reg Traviss. Dionne revealed: “Reg is a working man unlike the other one and anything is better than that other one (Blake). He has always been nice to me. I don’t think he’s all he is made out to be. She’s happy with him and the main thing is Amy being happy.”
But it sounds like even Dionne, who’s releasing a new album, is growing towards escaping being associated with Amy these days. She added: “I want to step away from being known as Amy’s goddaughter. I’m seeing it as my first album as it’s all new material. Amy has helped me co-write and produce several of the songs.”

*Sinitta sounds like she may be one of the only people to hen peck Simon Cowell. Speaking about her, erm, adventurous fashion sense at The Garden Party in the grounds of Clarence House this week she told me: “Back in the eighties Simon used to be appalled by my style – like when I wore three Speedo swimsuits twisted around in my Cross My Broken Heart video – but I told him to either give me money to shop for better outfits or put up with it.”
But it sounds like she’s only just about being looked after by Mr Moneybags nowadays. She giggled: “I really want a crocodile Birkin bag and saw an old lady walking down the street with one on her arm when I was in Italy recently. I was with Simon and told him to go and offer her some money for it. But he wouldn’t. It’s probably only an old bag for that lady.”


*Fashion Week kicks off this week coming in London and I’ll be popping to some of the biggest shows and parties throughout the week. But ahead of the big week I met up with Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen as they launched their pop-up Lucy In Disguise shop in the Selfridges Wonder Rooms this week. The girls open their flagship vintage store in Covent Garden next week with a star-studded bash. And Lily sound proud of the work she’s put into the brand so far. She told me: “Everyone’s critical of me right now but so far I’m getting a good response. This is something we have worked hard on and we’re extremely happy with the final product and looking forward to people being able to buy it.”
The star was still reeling from the night before at the GQ Awards when David Cameron pranced up on stage. She tweeted her disgust at the PM winning the Politician of the Year during the show and told me: “When they said the award coming up was Politician I looked over and saw Cameron and thought: “Dear God, no way.” There’s something very wrong if he’s considered politician of the year. It was so embarrassing.” Guess she’s not voting Conservative then!
Lily also told me she was struggling with her pregnancy wear with fashion week approaching. “I’ve got pregnancy spanks on right now and they’re cutting in,” she giggled. “I didn’t want to go commando because I didn’t think it was appropriate to be pregnant and knickerless. I’m fine with the pregnancy though and I’m not as ill now. I just can’t wait for my bump to pop out at the moment I’m in the inbetween phase where it could just be a belly.” You’re blooming, Lil!


*Congratulations to Miss Alexandra Burke on another number one record with her new single Start Without You. She was also celebrating on being nominated for Best UK Act at this year’s Mobo Awards. I caught up with her at the nominations launch and we talked about whether she’d be going naked anytime soon in a magazine. She said: “I wouldn’t want to do a naked shoot. When I did Wonderland magazine I was very cheeky and closed the set and then did a topless shot which me holding myself. But that’s as far as I would go and it was spur of the moment and I was high on Red Bull and so happy to be doing first fashion shoot.
“Playboy isn’t for me and I don’t think you lot would be proud of me would you? An arty shoot wouldn’t be bad I guess. But I don’t know if I am brave enough. I’ve had no offers.” Over to you Mr Hefner!

*Whoa there Reggie Yates. He reckons Cher from last week’s X Factor is the one to watch. He even boldly says she’s better than Cheryl Cole! Speaking at the Mobo launch he said: “I’m talking about who everyone else is talking about on X Factor – Cher Lloyd. She is incredible. She is like another Cheryl Cole but with a better voice. She’s amazing and beautiful and I’m excited to see how well she does.” Calm down dear.

*Oh Lord, Eva Longoria needs to wisen up to UK celebrity knowledge if you ask me. The poor love, over here to promote her new fragrance Eva by Eva Longoria available at The Perfume Shop, doesn’t know who Cheryl Cole is or what the X Factor is! The Desperate Housewives star told me: “No I am not aware of Cheryl Cole. Oh, is she a big celebrity here? Is she is a singer? I’ve never heard of Girls Aloud. Did Jessie date someone from that show? I’m not in the know. The stunning actress made a fleeting visit to London last week and told me she couldn’t stay and play for more than one night because of her filming commitments on the 7th series of the show that made her famous. “We are currently shooting series 7 of Desperate Housewives and I can’t believe it has been seven years,” she said. “Vanessa Williams is now on set. She plays a frenemy of Lynette’s and comes into the mix and makes some trouble. Brian Austin Green also joins the show and will have a storyline with Marcia Cross and she will be having a cougar-esque storyline.”
Eva, married to American football star Tony Parker, also tells me she’s preparing to enter to world of fashion – just like her best friend Victoria Beckham. She revealed: “We are actually in development and in talks about doing a clothing line now. It will be fun to wear my own dresses. Yes, I will give some to Victoria and she’ll be there if I need advice. We are still in the beginning stages. We are developing it now but it will definitely be a reflection of my style.”


TV Choice Awards 06.09.10 009
*Sitting next to Pineapple Dance Studios star Louie Spence (above with me) over dinner is a right proper experience. I joined LouLou at the TV Choice Awards earlier this week and it was a laugh a minute.
Funniest moment of the night was when a WOMAN started heavily flirting with him at the champagne reception and he rolled his eyes and said: “The only way you’re going to turn me love, is by growing a gigantic c**k!” And flounced off!!
Meanwhile Louie tells me he’s getting near to completing the next series of Pineapple – but he’s not sure about a third. “I’m just not sure whether it would be worth doing another,” he said. “You want to go out on a high and I was a little surprised we did a second if I’m honest but it’s working well. I did have offers on the table to do my own thing – but I’m loyal and that’s an important quality to have. Pineapple has been my life for so many years. I’m not just turning my back on Debbie and the guys.”

*Gino DiAcampo sounds like he’s working on a saucy new show. He said: “I’m working on a new show at the moment called Surprise Your Wife but don’t worry, it’s not porn! If I ever want to surprise my wife, I cook her eggs on toast without any clothes on.” Sunny side up, no doubt.

*Birds of a Feather star Pauline Quirke won my award for most trashed at the TV Choice Awards. The poor love was mute when I saw her being cuddled and kept upright by Keith Lemon. Meanwhile Richard Arnold of GMTV (RIP) fame propped the bar up at the after party with the immaculately dressed Danielle Linekar.

TV Choice Awards 06.09.10 027

*Kerry Katona may have celebrated her 30th birthday with her pals the weekend before but she seemed a little down in the dumps at the TV Choice Awards. She just has such sad eyes nowadays. Like somebody that watched Marley and Me on repeat. Anyway, Kerry insisted she was having fun at the bash and told me: “It’s not a bad way to celebrate my 30th. I’m all dressed up, I’m single and my kids are all healthy. That’s all that matters. I’ve got used to living down south now and there’s lots of exciting things coming up.”

All the gossip from the GQ Men of The Year Awards…….


*Gemma Arterton is the lady of the moment and picked up this year’s GQ Woman of the Year award at the fashion bible’s event. The actress, who can be seen in this week’s new release Tamara Drewe, tells me her style is far from down to her. She revealed: “I’ve taken on a new stylist recently and it’s all down to her. I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to fashion. I don’t know what to wear or how to wear it and I needed to get some help. I’ve started to appreciate fashion a lot more – something that I never used to do.”
The star told me she’s had a great year after getting married to Stefano Catelli and is looking forward to getting back to basics after months of back to back films. She added: “I’m about to go back and do a play. I’m not a Hollywood girl at heart – I’ll always want to stay with my feet firmly on the ground and doing a play helps an awful lot.”

*Alexa Chung (above with me) managed to upstage every other star with her outstanding couture Valentino two-piece dress and Chanel shoes. But the star is taking another foray into becoming a designer of her own clothes! She tells me: “It’s exciting for me right now. I’ve got my range in Madewell coming out in New York next week. It’s only available over there for now – but hopefully it’ll come over her after.”

*Cheeky chappy Dominic Cooper is a funny one. His favourite part of starring in new flick Tamara Drewe was starring at co-star Gemma Arterton bouncing around in teeny jean hotpants. He old me at GQ: “Gemma looked hot in the hotpants!  It’s every guys dream to see a girl walking through the countryside in denim hotpants!” Really!?
Anyway, Dom also reveals he’s a metrosexual – he loves to wear guyliner! “I do wear guyliner in the movie,” he added. “I find it so funny that everyone asks me about the guyliner – I didn’t think twice about it and I loved it – it brings out the eyes darling!! Strangely enough maybe I didn’t wash it off at the end of the day.” Not so strange, Dom!

*Ah bless – Daisy Lowe said her mum Pearl was her “ultimate inspiration” at the awards. She said: “My mum is cool, I mean really cool. She a beautiful green goddess. I want to look that amazing when I’m her age.”
But it sounds like her Doctor Who star boyfriend Matt Smith is another inspiration for hr. She burst out laughing after telling me: “I’m rushing Matt home now for some down time!” Saucy minx!

*Hayley Atwell is on the fast track to becoming an A-Lister in the acting world. The actress has signed a three-picture deal to be the female lead in captain America opposite US actor Chris Evans. Hayley told me: “It’s quite a lot of pressure when you know something is a franchise and you don’t want to ruin things. But it’s been a blast filming with Chris, Samuel L. Jackson and Stanley Tucci are in it too. It’s a big budget action adventure. Something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.” I’m genuinely thrilled for this girl – she’s a bright new star!

WHICH action hero isn’t quite as straight as he makes out. He’s known to have bonked a number of male waiters in LA at late night parties in Hollywood. What would his missus say?!

Lauryn Hill

This woman was one of the most incredible talents but like so many before her she’s peeing it away on booze and God knows what else. Clown make-up, crazy outfits and barely able to string a song together for years – this is one talented woman that I fear we’ve lost forever.

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