All the gossip from Bestival…..featuring La Roux, Vanilla Ice and Rolf Harris!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 13th, 2010

Empire Leicester Square,London WC2.England. Aaron Johnson,Chloe

*To be given a private interview with Vanilla Ice in 1990 would have been a dream come true for any lad. Now, it’s still cool – see, erm, above. You have to remember he did sell upwards of 10 million albums back then! I met up with the Iceman in the swanky PlayStation 3 SingStar area at Bestival and we couldn’t help but talk about his infamous Madonna moment when he hitch hiked naked with her in pictures that went on to be documented in her Sex book. He told me: “Those days were crazy. I didn’t want to end up in some slutty little book and she never asked my permission to do that. She must regret that entire phase of her life so much now. Imagine her sitting around with her kids and saying: “Look, mummy was a slut.” It’s not cool at all. They were taken back in the crazy days.” The star also told me he never ever gets bored of singing his huge hit Ice, Ice, Baby. “I’ll still be doing that song until I’m in my seventies,” he laughed. “I never get bored of it. It has a life of its own and made my name. I owe a lot to it.” And a little birdie tells me Vanilla is a DEFINITE for this years Dancing On Ice too. Ice on Ice – sounds like TV gold to me!

*La Roux singer Ellie Jackson’s ‘There’s something about Mary’ days are numbered! The star tells me she’s gagging to chop her famous quiff off – but she’s not allowed to!
Until the artist has had a fair chance at conquering America she says her record company have banned the quiff from going. “It’s about being a brand and being recognisible out there,” she told me in the PlayStation 3 SingStar backstage area at Bestival. “So for three months or so I’m not allowed to get rid of it and I’m desperate too. I’ve taken to slicking it back now and I don’t wear it up. But when I’m in America it has to be up and proud.”
And it sounds like Ellie has an amazing chance of breaking the States – she’s just managed to get Kanye West to rap on her song In For The Kill for release in the States. She added: “I went out to the States to shoot the video last week. It was great working with him and it’s a thrill to know that he likes what we’ve been doing.”  Good luck Els!

*TV gal Caroline Flack is one extremely well behaved girl when she’s at a festival! The stars been put on a exercise and keep fit plan by a personal trainer and refused to drink a drop of alcohol. A source said: “She was in the PlayStation 3 SingStar area and was larging it to Vanilla Ice on nothing except water and her spirit. She is serious about getting fit before she goes to the jungle to shoot I’m a Celebrity for ITV2 and that means no booze.” Anyone would think she was going into the jungle with all
this healthy living!

*Rolf Harris kept punters on the ferry across to the Isle of Wight entertained! The legendary entertainer sang his hit Two Little Boys over the speakers for the crowded boat. Class! Meanwhile my favourite acts of Bestival were Hurts (obviously), Hot
and DJ Jaguar Skills. It’s such an amazing festival and the founder Rob da Bank should be very proud of himself!

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