This weeks column featuring Peaches Geldof, Hurts, David Beckham, Kylie, McFly and Katy Perry!

Posted by Dean Piper On September 5th, 2010


*I joined Peaches Geldof and her Hollywood producer/director boyfriend Eli Roth at the screening of his movie The Last Exorcism. Gone was the goth and in was the Dolce and Gabbana threads. So let’s start with her weight and the pregnancy rumours. “I just put on weight,” she laughed, “and people were calling me fat. I wasn’t fat – but I’ve lost a stone doing a juicing diet. I’ve barely been on solids and I’m not drinking alcohol at all. I saw pictures of myself and didn’t like what I saw. If I put weight on it goes on my face and my tummy and everyone says I’m pregnant.”
Peaches also talked about these continual wedding rumours – she was spotted with a ring on her engagement finger this week. She laughed: “The ring is a gift from my friend Niko – he’s gay and lives with me in LA. He gave it to me for our “en-gay-gement”.
Peaches is jetting back to the States this week after a successful few days filming a pilot for ITV2. It’s a youth take on the Jeremy Kyle Show where she’ll be joined by Graham Stanier - Jeremy’s in-show psychotherapist. She’s one busy girl!
Make sure you catch The Last Exorcism at the flicks. I’m a complete pussy when it comes to scary movies – and this reached my fright limit. And I loved every minute!

*I’m looking forward to having P Diddy back in the mix and performing his new music. The star’s set a date to make his first performance in the UK in five years and will headline with his new collective Dirty-Diddy Money with MTV on September 29 in Glasgow. Bring. It.

*Former Busted star Matt Willis tells me he’s on a two-year tattoo ban from wife Emma. The star, who starts in Flashdance the musical in a matter of weeks, tells me: “She’s banned me from anymore for two years. I’ve got both arms and part of my back covered now. So she says I’m hooked and need to calm it.” Emma knows best, Matt. Always!


*If there’s one album you buy this week then make it Happiness by Hurts. I’ve supported Theo and Adam since day one and this week popped down to see them perform tracks from the new album in a celebrity filled audience. Boy George raved to me: “They’re f***ing amazing. I really think they’re like the new Scott Walker. It’s refreshing to have a band like them out there.”
I took along Grace Woodward from Britain’s Next Top Model (we’re above with the band) as my date and she was blown away by the boys too. “They know how to dress too,” she squealed as they came on stage. Indeed they do – even Hugo Boss wants a piece of the action and sent singer Theo his suit for the show. Go and spread a little Happiness!

*Pint-sized pop princess Kylie Minogue has knocked the charts into shape with her latest album Aphrodite. And as well as planning a European tour my spies tell me she’s hatching HUGE plans to tour Stateside next year. My insiders tell me that her US tour will be an all-out effort for her to finally break America and will overshadow the production on her last X tour, which was her biggest and most expensive tour to date. “It will be a big push for Aphrodite with William Baker currently brainstorming different ideas and aesthetics,” says my mole. “It’s going to be completely over the top – just the way the American’s like it! The plan is to put Lady Gaga’s last tour to shame. It’s a full on assault.” Another plan in the works is to have several guest appearances throughout the dates. Names in the frame include various members of Scissor Sisters, Madonna’s former producer Stuart Price and ABBA’s Benny Andersson. And Kyle’s has already been getting cosy out in the US. Last week the star performed a blissful set with Rufus Wainwright before hanging out in the Hamptons and dining with Mark Jacob’s ex Lorenzo Martone.

*I thought Beverley Knight had been a tad quite recently on Twitter and now I know why.
The singer, who performs at the Pinktober Women of Rock concert at London’s 02 Arena on October 5, has been scared off tweeting by a pair of creepy female fans.
She told me: “I had two women constantly tweeting me things and I could tell something wasn’t quite right.
“I then found out they’d been contacting my friends and family through Facebook. They’d message them saying they needed to come round to my house to see me and to cook me dinner.
“I’ve never had anything like that before and it did scare me because after Leona Lewis got punched by that mad man you just don’t know. My management are aware of it but I won’t be like Beyonce and beef up my security.” I would!

*Tom Cruise and David Beckham’s little boys club continues to gather pace – now they’re riding their big manly bikes together.
A party-goer at Soho House in LA this week rang to tell me Tom and David both pitched up on their motorcycles for cocktails and nibbles at the exclusive member’s club on Tuesday night. Seconds later Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes arrived in a car to join their hubbies.
I hear David is also pushing ahead with his plans to go into business with Gordon Ramsay and the pair are searching for a venue to open their ‘British pub’ in LA. A source said: “They’re looking around West Hollywood but have yet to find a property that works.”

*It sounds like the prosthetic nose that Gemma Arterton was forced to wear while shooting new movie Tamara Drew was a right turn off for new hubby Stefano Catelli. Gemma reveals: “I had a dodgy wig and a nose in this movie and it totally transformed my face!  It didn’t look anything like me.” I have kept the nose in my bathroom – it’s in a frame!  Next to a picture of me wearing the nose and I love it when people come round and see it and shout: “Is that you’?!” I saved pictures on my phone of me with the nose and sent them to my husband – he hated it!
“He was like: “Please stop sending them,  I now have a mental image of you with that nose and I can’t get rid of it’!!” Luckily he didn’t come on set and so didn’t see it in real life – I think it would’ve made kissing him a nightmare!” Indeed.

WHICH star is claiming her fabulous new body is all down to diet and fitness when it’s in fact down to surgery on a large scale. This singer has had ample liposuction and a nose job. LIAR!

Jason Gardiner

Everything about Jason seems to irritate me of late. His shiny face, his ridiculous teeth, the fact he’s suddenly a TV stylist (when his fashion sense is beyond questionable) and the fact he keeps tweeting about being on an endless holidays (OK, I’m jealous). Come back down to earth darling, it’s pretty nice down here with us mere mortals.

*JLS star Marvin Humes may embrace his inner metrosexual by preening his hair to perfection and wearing cleavage-flashing tops but luckily he hasn’t succumbed to borrowing his girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman’s razor.
Roch told me: “I can’t imagine even walking in to see Marvin in the bath and catching him using my razor. That would be so wrong and I would hate it. He’s not a hairy person – I’m hairier than he is! But I swear on my life he doesn’t wax his chest.” I believer you, thousands wouldn’t!

*I like a boyband with something to say for themselves so step forward The Wanted who have blasted the new series of X Factor for their autotune saga.
Member Jay McGuiness told me at Orange Monkey’s HQ: “It was completely out of order and what’s the point of it being a talent show? It’s only OK when it’s used as a tool and not as a mask. Jason Derulo’s a prime example of making it sound amazing.”

*Janet Jackson is on a mission to let us all know that she’s secretly amazing in the kitchen! She fumed: “No one ever thinks that I can cook. In fact they don’t think that any of the girls in our family cook – but we do!  People think I’m the type to have a chef and go shopping all the time – but I don’t like to shop. I do cook and I love to cook soul food. But I don’t wanna say that because everyone knows how bad for you it is! But man, I love it.” You stay happy and stick to that chicken, Janet!

*Salma Hayek sounds like she’s struggling to appear all mother superior to her three-year-old Valentina. She tells me: “I live half the year in France and my French is so bad – it’s really pitiful! It’s so embarrassing because my daughter who’s only just three can speak 3 languages – and she has to translate for me!
“Sometimes she doesn’t want to. I ask her what did they say and she says find out for yourself Mummy, and I ask her to say something for me and again – tell them yourself Mummy!”
The star has a refreshing take on twitter too – she thinks it sucks! “I can’t understand why people want to Tweet or Twitter or what ever it’s called,” she said. “What a waste of your life.  I don’t even email let alone do that, I don’t even text. I am a great believe in being present – so when I with you I am totally with you and I’m not busy texting or tweeting other people!” On that note don’t forget to follow me on twitter people. I’m @deanpiper

*Dougie Poynter and The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford aren’t exactly pop’s next hellraisers when it comes to their boozing. Dougie told me this week: “I can drink a hell of a lot more than Frankie. Her limit is two glasses of rose and then she’s hammered. I’m everyone’s best mate after four glasses. I’m only small though as I have the body of a six year old boy.”
So much for Frankie being a Party Girl! I’m not convinced on her blonde locks since returning from LA but ever the gent Doug says he’ll love her whatever her hairstyle. “I think Frankie was going for the Dougie Poynter look with her new hair,” he added. “Even if she did a Britney or had a mohawk I would still love her.” Cute!
Luckily bandmate Tom Fletcher, who with the boys release new single Party Girl this week, is helping the boys live up to a more rock n’ roll reputation by visiting strip-clubs and experimenting with, erm, make-up. Ooh-er. He revealed: “Our producer Dallas Austin took us to a strip club in Atlanta. It was my first experience and quite an eye-opener. I learnt that you aren’t allowed to take photos in strip clubs.
“I also learnt not to wear lipstick with guyliner. Dougie used to wear it on his eyes and I tried it but it didn’t suit me – I looked like a very strange drag queen.”

*I’ve been impressed to see lately how Ricky Gervais has ditched the moobs and beer belly for a new super-trim Hollywood physique.
But unlike some La La Land based celebs, don’t expect the results to have come from a strict diet of carrot juice or lettuce leaves because the British funny man has only just discovered vegetables!
His comedy pal Stephen Merchant revealed to Shortlist: “Ricky’s nearly 50 and he told me the other day, as a massive revelation: “I’ve just started eating vegetables. They’re quite good, aren’t they?”
“I was like: “Yeah, they help keep you alive.”
“I’ve sat down with him in a restaurant and there’s nothing on the menu he could eat, so we had to leave. It’s not like it’s live grubs – we’re talking Italian. He’s got a very mundane palette.”

*If you see a pretty lady in a large mac and sunnies peering around corners in the hotel lobby, don’t be alarmed as it’s probably just American superstar Katy Perry.
The singer revealed to Radio 1′s Scott Mills that the latest false name she’s checking into hotel rooms with is one that’s been shaken and not stirred.
She said: “I gave my false name away last week so then I had to change it. Now I’m under something very James Bond-esque. It’s not Pussy Galore though – you would imagine someone would really spot that one.
“I’m so James Bond I’m not going to give you the true hint. My last one was Jerry Blank from Strangers With Candy, which was a fantastic TV show and then I wanted to be Lisa Frank like the stationary because she had unicorns and rainbows.”

*I caught hot new singer Mike Posner in action this week. Think Jason Mraz meets Taio Cruz. And the American star is already a hit with one of my favourite British acts, Florence & The Machine. I hear that Flo has asked Mike to remix some of her tunes to target her American audience. Get in.

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