Christine Bleakley talks Frank Lampard, Daybreak and leaving the BBC

Posted by Dean Piper On September 5th, 2010

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New breakfast host Christine Bleakley has said her 4am starts are not going to compromise her relationship with footballer Frank Lampard.
Christine, 31, who’s been dating the Chelsea midfielder since October last year, revealed: “I’m still going to be having date nights and my nights out – don’t you worry. Frank’s very excited about the whole thing. He really is. I’m going to send him a questionnaire at 8.30am every morning to make sure he’s been watching.
“He gets up early anyway for training anyway – I’ll have to creep out and try not to wake him I guess. He’s very supportive and he’s going to come in to the studios to support me next week too.”
Former One Show host Christine starts tomorrow alongside Adrian Chiles on ITV1′s GMTV replacement show Daybreak but remains adamant that her social life will not be axed due to the early mornings.
“I’ll be up before 4am every day of the week and for me ignorance has been bliss during the past couple of weeks,” said the star. “That’s the way I’m approaching it. A lot of people are saying you should attempt getting up a couple of weeks beforehand and get used to it. But I’ve just thought: “I just want two more weeks of normality.”
“I’m relatively selfish with my time and I can just worry about myself without kids and go home and sleep. At this stage that is the case. Ask in a month’s time and I may not be as positive.
“I love my evenings out and I would start to go insane if I didn’t have my nights. So in my head this is the plan – we get up at 4am or whatever, go home at 10am, have a siesta and be in bed by 10.30pm. I have no idea how it’s going to play out.”
Speak ahead of Daybreak’s launch Christine also took time to discuss her controversial leaving of BBC show The One Show.
The star, who also ditched her then agent John Noel by text after she quit the BBC show, claims she would still be at the BBC had her on-screen partner Adrian not had left the channel for Daybreak. She said: “I have no regrets about my decision to leave the BBC. I knew the second Adrian left that the show wasn’t the same for me anymore.
“There’s been a lot of talk and I’ve remained as silent and as dignified as I can over it all. Lots of people wanted me to speak out but the truth is that when Adrian left it just wasn’t the same for me anymore. That’s it.
“I’m not worried about the door closing with the BBC. I think you follow your heart sometimes. I know people have been trying to make out that it was all about money – but it’s not about money at all. We were very happy where we were. They were the ones who started to mix it up. Not us.”
This week Adrian, 43, blamed the BBC for his departure from The One Show – saying he left as a direct result of the show’s producers plans to bring in Chris Evans to host Friday’s extended hour-long show with Christine.
Adrian, who recently signed a reported £6 million four-year deal with ITV, fumed: “It wasn’t about the money at all. We would have stayed where we were at the BBC for exactly the same money.
“We didn’t want anything changed, didn’t want a different programme, didn’t want anything. They wanted to mess around with that show.
“The issue for me from the beginning was that we had this very successful show Monday to Friday with great ratings. We wanted to take it to greater levels. We piloted the show to be an hour every Friday and they were successful and then all of a sudden it turns out that they want somebody else to do the Fridays instead of me. I couldn’t wear that. I don’t care if people think I’m being a bit starry about it. “It was the fact that Chris Evans was coming in on the Friday. I couldn’t have worked there as a warm up man or a fluffer for the big main event on Friday.” Fair enough, if you ask me!

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