A nice bit of gossip from Reading Festival…featuring Nicholas Hoult, Guns n' Roses and Coco Sumner

Posted by Dean Piper On August 29th, 2010

*Nicholas Hoult is one of my favourite up and coming actors. He’s just landed a rather amazing role in the new X-Men movie playing the young Beast. And at Reading he told me he was getting more than a little bit prepared for the role! “I’m growling in the mirror every morning,” he laughed at Reading. “I’m learning how to kick-ass and channelling my inner Beast wherever I go. I can’t wait to get started.”
And I’m pleased to report the star was beyond down-to-earth at the festival – even snubbing VIP camping to bed down with the mortals. He revealed: “I’m more than happy to camp with the masses – I’m not special. If people get a little lairy then I tell them to f**k off and get on with it. I’m not bothered.” Cool!
And it seemed like Nic had a new little play-thing to keep him warm in the tent too. He spent most of his evening on Friday touching tonsils with a gorgeous petite blonde. Good for him.

*Note to Axl Rose -NEVER mess with a festival crowd. Coming on an hour late the Guns n’ Roses frontman didn’t feel the need to apologise to the crowd. Yes, we all turned out to see you play. But no, we didn’t want to lose an hour of your set because of the curfew of playing live music being reached. If you ask me the set was a let down. Out of sync, out of time, out of luck. Bog off boys!

*Pete Doherty was up to his usual tricks in Leeds when his band The Libertines performed a truly blistering set. It’s great to see the boys back together and ripping it up live.
But backstage Pete was having his usual lady problems. Approached by a girl named ‘Cheryl’ she said: “Since when did you become f***ing famous?” before accusing him of changing and not recognising her. Seconds later she starts crying on him and he’s forced to try and comfort her. Not exactly what you want after you’ve played a blinder.
Anyway, Pete managed to calm her down and it turns out she was a very old school friend of his.  A source tells me: “One minute she was being sweet and tearful and the next she was protective, crying hysterically and wouldn’t let Pete have pictures with any girls in the bar. After about 20 minutes they retreated to his tour bus together.” See – groupies can still get it on with rockers!

*I Blame Coco front lady Coco Sumner is a real talent. Shy and cute in real life but such a powerhouse performer. But don’t be expecting her to perform with her famous dad Sting anytime soon – in fact it will NEVER happen. Coco, who’s fantastic album The Constant is out now, tells me: “It will never happen. He does his thing and I do my thing and it’s separate. And we’ll keep it that way. If I would collaborate with anyone then it would be with Ian Dury or Abba.” Now that I’d like to see.

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