Leona Lewis blows me away at London's O2 Arena….

Posted by Dean Piper On June 19th, 2010


I’ve been looking forward to catching Leona Lewis’ first UK tour all year – and I’m pleased to let you all know that it didn’t disappoint.

I won’t bore you all with a full review. I just want to let you all know what I enjoyed and I what, in my opinion, could be worked on.

Firstly, she has the most incredible vocals I’ve heard for years. Not only is she singing live for the entire gig (take note, Miss Houston), she’s also dancing. She looks like she’s really enjoying herself and having a great time.It’s great to see she’s loosened up and not just standing there like an Angel singing ballads.

She’s looking comfortable on stage and we are finally able to say that the UK version of X Factor did, as Simon Cowell always harped on about, create a Worldwide superstar.

More than anything else I was personally pleased to see the gig sold out too. Being able to sell-out arenas is no easy thing in this day and age – especially as a young female Brit. I was thrilled to be going home on the tube and a little girl of no more than eight turning to her mum and said: “I want to be like Leona when I’m older.” I know this was coming from an innocent young girl – but how good is it to have a role model like that for our children nowadays? A British born and bred role model for fans across the world. She doesn’t shave her head and show off her lady garden, do drugs and fall out of nightclubs or get in trouble with the law. She’s a woman with a real voice.

My only criticism of the show is the styling and the stage set. Yes, William Baker (Kylie’s main artistic director) did well and it was nice, fluffy and magical with its Labyrinth theme. But for me it didn’t feel Leona enough. It felt more like a Kylie concert that was only 70 per cent executed. I wanted more Leona – more horses, more peace and love and more happy Leona-style things. That will come – give her time.

I’m thinking by the time we have another new album Leona will have so much more of a direct idea of what SHE wants to do. Her confidence must have increased ten-fold following these shows too. And so it should! She’s an incredible talent and I’m already gagging to see her again live.

What did you guys think of the gig? Do let me know! She’s planning to take the show to Europe next!

PS. I’m going to put it out there right now – I want Leona to work with David Guetta. I think it would be an incredible mix. After seeing Outta My Head live I can just see it happening. Come on, David!

PPS. Take That’s Jason Orange was in front of me sporting a huge bushy beard and James Blunt and his Spanish girlfriend Sabina were also there.

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  1. Krish Says:

    I was at that gig last night and it was AMAZING :D

  2. Nicole Says:

    Well i just loved the tour! Leona was truely amazing and im so pleased she is representing the UK. Shes confident on stage and enjoyed herself. Vocals= out of this world! However i thought the style was her as it was Labyrinth! lol

  3. Carlos Says:

    Dean, a great un-biased account of Leona’s show.

    First, the low point (for me too), was the ‘tacky’ looking stage setting…very school play-ish, IMHO…I expected more from Kylie’s guy!

    Now the good points….ALL THE REST!!

    She was absolutely phenomenal as a performer/artist. As you say, her vocals were just awesome, and just totally blew me away… BIG TIME!

    Me and the wife looked at each other during the performance and ‘mouthed’ to each other…”WOW..!!” Her voice just made the hairs stand on end and gave me goosebumps!

    What a lovely and fantastic point you raised about the little girl on the train…. Knowing Leona’s genuinely gentle and humble personality, that will make everything she has ever worked towards seem worthwhile, if she can have that sort of effect on todays little uns…. and I bet her mum hopes she also turns out like Leona, rather than some of todays other high profile ‘stars’.

    She really is a great ambassador for our country. Boring?? No…just a lovely lovely person!

  4. Martini Ma Says:

    It was the first concert i’ve ever seen, and all I can say it will definietly be one that I remember forever, she is just amazing!! I’ve loved Leona from day one when she went into x Factor, and its been great seeing her become stronger and stronger!! When she sang ”The First Time I Saw Your Face” it brought tears to my eyes, she really communicates and touches people through her singing. Love her so so much, and can not wait to watch her live again!! I’ve been thinking about it non stop, and can’t seem to stop!

  5. debra Says:

    Yesterday was the most happy day of my life . what i saw leona did at the o2 was for me beyond belief, i will just say the best singer at the moment. she was briliant and totally in control.

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