Peaches Geldof's lover Eli Roth defends her in rant over drug allegations

Posted by Dean Piper On April 4th, 2010

Peaches Geldof’s boyfriend has hit out at the man that claims to have enjoyed a heroin fuelled sex session with the star.
Horror film director Eli Roth, who’s been dating the daughter of Live Aid founder Sir Bob Geldof for two months, posted a 1,200 word letter on social networking site MySpace a week after pictures of Peaches allegedly engaging in a drug fuelled romp with Ben Mills, 23, surfaced on the internet.
Ben claims he and Peaches injected heroin together during a short-lived affair in Los Angeles last November which culminated with the pair waking up in a Scientology Centre cleansing sauna.
The letter – addressed to Ben’s mother Meredith Bluett-Mills, hits out at claims model and TV presenter Peaches is a drug user – saying she’s fully clean.
The letter also refers to the struggles Peaches has faced dealing with the death of her mother Paula Yates – who died from a heroin overdose in 1998 when Peaches was just 11 years old.
In his letter Eli says: “At first Peaches and I thought nothing of the posting – the story was simply too preposterous. Your son’s fairy tale culminates with him dazed and vomiting in a sauna at the Scientology Celebrity center, a place notoriously so high security that no non-member would ever be admitted and left alone, let alone a strung out one. But look closely at the specifics of your son’s story: he did not pick a drug associated with sex like ecstasy or cocaine, he chose heroin. Why? Because not only has Peaches openly talked about drug use in her past, her mother tragically died from a heroin overdose when Peaches was young. Ben’s story becomes much more salacious if he paints Peaches as heading down a similar path. Peaches does not have a squeaky clean image by any means, in fact, she’s known for being brutally honest and open about her past mistakes in life.
“But she has also worked hard to grow up and overcome her troubled past, and is now drug free. Your son took details from Peaches teenage tabloid stories to make the story more believable, no matter how contrary they are to who she is today. Ben used the most painful events from someone’s past to make himself famous, and it worked. It’s sociopathic.”
Eli, who made his first appearance alongside Peaches at the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party last month, also addresses Peaches sacking as the face and body of underwear brand Ultimo. He adds: “Not only has your son’s horrible lies now painted Peaches as “dangerous” to many who would potentially hire her, but companies like Ultimo Underwear are using this “scandal” as a reason to fire Peaches by saying that she is not a role model for young girls. And for what? Some psychotic story your son made up that people were all too ready to believe because it fell in line with stories from the past. Stories your son clearly read before he made up that post. He knew exactly what he was writing, the details were far too calculated. And that made it all the more destructive.”
Sources close to Peaches reveal the Geldof girl is thrilled by the level of support she’s received from actor-turned-film-director Eli since the news broke. The source reveals: “Eli’s been a tower of strength for Peaches. The worst thing is that she has been clean for a long time and is in a great place right now.
“She’s got so much to look forward to and she’s a young girl. This story could have crushed her but it hasn’t she’s keeping her head down and with Eli in LA. She’s there for the rest of the year and is taking her acting lessons and having some time out.”

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