Keira Knightley's miffed at losing out to Carey Mulligan for My Fair Lady role

Posted by Dean Piper On March 28th, 2010

Keira Knightley may be the queen of the costume drama but it seems like there’s a new British rose that’s spoiling her thunder.
Step forward Oscar nominated actress Carey Mulligan – who’s bagged the role of Eliza Doolittle in the Hollywood remake of My Fair Lady. And from what I hear from my sources Keira’s far from happy about being sidelined in favour of Carey – especially because she’d been taking singing lessons to get herself in tip top vocal shape for what would have been the role of a lifetime.
My mole tells me: “Keira wanted to play the role. She’s been linked to the production for nearly four years. She’s always loved Audrey Hepburn and had spent the last year working her backside off with private singing lessons. She knew she didn’t have a huge voice but she was willing to put the effort in for the role. It would have quite literally have been a role of a lifetime for Keira and she’s gutted that it hasn’t worked out.”
Keira was quoted a year ago expressing just how much she wanted to bag the part in the film – which originally went on to win eight Oscars. She said: “I auditioned for it about two years ago, and I think it’s been a matter of trying to assemble the correct team to do it that is going to make as interesting a movie and as good a movie as possible. There are good whispers going around, you know, and hopefully they’ll come to fruition.”
She may have failed to clinch the role of Eliza – but I doubt she’s going to worry too much. After all she has three films that have completed production, she’s just finished a sell out run on the West End and is about to start filming The Beautiful and the Damned opposite Leonardo DiCaprio before starting work on The Emperor’s Children alongside Richard Gere.
The actress seems to have made a conscious effort of late to get involved with her art rather than settle for the big-budget commercial movies. And having met Keira on many occasions, after all she did grow up in Teddington near my own family home, I know she’s not one for cashing in. She recently said: “I did films like The Edge Of Love and The Duchess and there were no big pay days – you do them because you want to do the work, and to work with certain directors. My ambition isn’t to buy loads of property.”
And if proof were needed, then look no further than the news that broke last week. Keira has turned down over £5 million to star in the fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Jumping into her shoes as the buxom deck girl onboard the Black Pearl? None other than Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz. Shiver me timbers, boys!

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  1. Flower Says:

    it’s impossible that she was miffed because Carey is one of her best friends! and Keira is not like that…. anyway i think Keira would be a million times better than Carey (she’s good actress but she don’t deserve this role, doesn’t fit in it) and Carey is not a big fan of Audrey she loves Catherine Hepburn so …don’t change the information friends!….

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