Demi Moore, Ryan Seacrest, Taylor Lautner and Leona Lewis: My star studded week ahead of the Oscars in Hollywood!

Posted by Dean Piper On March 8th, 2010


*Demi Moore is still such a hot looking woman in real life. I caught up with the Ghost star and her hubby Ashton Kutcher at the Hollywood Domino Gala. She told me she’s loving Awards Season. “It’s such an exciting week,” she admitted. “It’s kinda crazy though. You have to pace yourself with all the parties.”
Ashton told me he’s been working flat out and revealed: “It’s been full on lately. I’ve not stopped working so I’m tired to begin with. I’ve just been in London too – it’s great over there. I love the way the British are. So proper.”
There were two brilliant moments of hanging with the pair. Firstly Demi bought the round of drinks. Ashton loves a vodka tonic and Demi drinks pints – but she tripped on her dress and spilt beer down herself! Secondly, when you do a snap with Demi she always has to check she looks good in the picture before she walks away. Amazing!

*So it turns out Cheryl Cole’s ‘pal’ Derek Hough from dancing With The Stars has been more than just hanging out with Chezza – she’s been giving him advice on the industry. My mole reveals: “Derek’s desperate to carve himself into a male solo pop artist. He can sing and dance so he wants to pursue that” Cheryl’s given him lots of advice.” I bet she has!


*Rachel Zoe (above) is the stylist everybody in Hollywood scrambles to work with at the Oscars. But the skinny lady herself is particular about who she dresses up. She told me at the Hollywood Domino Gala: “I’m working with Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz this year. They are the ladies I truly love to dress.” Other guests at the amazing Hollywood Bingo Gala event included Jamie Foxx, Matt Dillon, Lady Victoria Hervey, Eva Longoria and Nicky Hilton.

*A real highlight was meeting Queen of Pop Madonna as I trotted into LA’s newest exclusive private members club Soho House this week. I obviously told her she “raised me” (sorry mum) and she graciously shook my hand! Amazing.

*Dermot O’Leary sounds as if he’s ready and set to give the US a go as a presenter. I caught up with the X Factor host and he told me: “I’ve been out here looking at work options and having a few meetings. Nothing’s come up yet that would mean moving out here. But I’d love to work Stateside.”
Dermot also told me he’s hoping X Factor judge Dannii Minogue manages to come back to the show after she’s popped out her sprog in July. He said: “She’s one of the reasons the show’s so good so hopefully she’ll be able to be there after she’s had her little one.”


*Ryan Seacrest is preparing to cover the red carpet arrivals for the E! Entertainment Channel later this evening with co-host Giuliana Rancic (both above with me). But he couldn’t help but talk about Simon Cowell and his exit from American Idol after this series to start X Factor in the US. Ryan said: “American Idol will survive without Simon but we will miss him. He’s is the foundation to the show. I will personally miss sparring with him but I have seen the X Factor and I think it’s a phenomenal show.”
And he wouldn’t mind swapping over to the rival show as host – if the money was right. “I could always be tempted over depending on the money,” he laughed. “I would like to do them both, that would be great.”

*Myleene Klass was having a blast hosting the Oscars coverage for CNN in Los Angeles. But it seems Americans have a bizarre take on who Myleene’s a doppelganger of. Over dinner at the Mondrian she told me: “When I got to the airport a pap thought I was Minnie Driver’s sister and then yesterday I signed an autograph and he person looked surprised at my signature because she thought I was Jessica Alba.” One day they’ll know Leenie in the US! Ha!
The presenter also told me her two-year-old daughter has been hanging with rock and roll royalty Bon Jovi too. She revealed: “Ava had her picture with Jon Bon Jovi at our hotel. He fell in love with her – and we spotted him working out in the gym. I might have enjoyed that for a different reason to Ava though!” I hear you!


Above: Hanging with Kelly Brook at the Hollywood Domino Gala event at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

*Kendra Wilkinson doesn’t want her child growing up in the public eye. The former Girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, whose reality show Kendra is on the E! Entertainment Channel, says she doesn’t want her newborn son Hank growing up in front of the cameras. She told me: “I don’t want Hank growing up in the limelight. People already ask if I think he’s going to be a sports star like my husband or an actor or something. I want him to decide what he wants to be. That’s his choice. The reality show will stop – I don’t want him growing up for everyone to see.” Sensible girl.

WHICH star is getting a reputation for sleeping around? I hear this dude doesn’t mind if it’s a boy or a girl – but he needs them regular! Greedy!

*Lee Toland Krieger is the Writer/Director to watch out for in the future. After being nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards for his brilliant film The Viscious Kind he’s about to start work on new thriller Land of the Free. Elijah Wood, Rachel Bilson and Sienna Miller are all wanted for roles….

*It’s not easy when you’re Oprah Winfrey and you fancy a bite to eat. You can’t just pop to your local restaurant in a low-key way. I saw the chat show host dining at the Beverly Hills Hotel with TV execs this week. While Oprah – wearing a black dress and black alice band – enjoyed a salad four bodyguards sat surrounding her table. She did seem down to earth as she left though and posed for snaps with fans. Nice!

*Jimmy Choo boss Tamara Mellon is making a concerted effort to be a little bit healthier. After years of puffing on fags Tam has decided to quit the ciggies – but she’s finding it tough to deal with her cravings and chewing gum non stop!

*Wherever I went this week for a bite to eat I seemed to bump into a celebrity. Nicky Hilton – who is immaculately dressed in her day-to-day life – sat next to me one day at the Fred Segal café while Geri Halliwell’s former movie producer lover Sacha Gervasi (and the father of Geri’s baby Bluebell) brought along an extremely attractive girl to eat on the other side of me. Then I was alongside Groundhog Day star Bill Murray at Cecconis the day before.

*Abbie Cornish appears to have started the heartbreak diet following her split from actor Ryan Phillipe. I spotted the star at a bash for Vanity Fair  and Dior looking disturbingly thin with her newly bleach blonde hair. Other guests mingling around at the bash included Dawsons Creek star James Van Der Beek and Brit TV host Louise Roe.

*Kelly Osbourne looked slick as hell at the Hudson Jeans and Vanity fair bash this week. Kel’s gone for a somewhat bizarre purple rinse on her former bleach blonde locks. The Osbourne offspring mingled the night away with June Sarpong and Rose McGowan.

*Leona Lewis was gearing up to attend Elton John’s wonderful Aids Foundation Oscar Viewing Party when I bumped into her last week. She told me she’s got a crush on Twilight star Taylor Lautner – in fact he’s the only person to have ever made her starstruck. She revealed: “I think Taylor from Twilight is the only person to have truly made me starstruck. It was at the Globes and I got a picture with him. I never ever get a picture with anyone. I never ask for one. He’s the only person I’ve ever asked for a picture with. My boyfriend Lou loved that one. He said: ‘Erm, what are you doing?’ Ha ha. I’m allowed to meet him though. I’d love to meet Stevie Wonder and Madonna. I’ve not met either. Madonna is another person who really inspires me.”

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