Carey Mulligan, Colin Firth and Quentin Tarantino talk awards season ahead of the Oscars

Posted by Dean Piper On February 23rd, 2010

*Carey Mulligan is one of the hot favourites to win at this year’s Oscars ceremony but it seems she’s had a spot of bizarre fashion advice from the Queen of Fashion, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. The An Education star told me: “Anna was really, really lovely and it was great to meet her. I wasn’t scared of her in the slightest. She recommended that I wear a short dress at the Oscars but I’m not sure; that’s so not what I had in my head when I was six years old. I’d love to be on the cover of Vogue. That would be unbelievable. But sadly she didn’t ask.” It won’t be long, Carey.
The star also gave an insight into being an Oscar nominee and attending the LA Oscar nominees lunch. She giggled: “I was so excited. It felt like it was happening to someone else. It’s like being at a graduation. You get a jumper with ‘Oscar nominee’ on the sleeve and it’s all very equal. Like you’d ever wear it though!”

*Colin Firth needs to start enjoying life a little bit more I fear. The actor was duller than a dull to reporters on the red carpet at the 30th London Critics’ Circle Film Awards. When asked whether fashion designer Tom Ford – the director of A Single Man, for which Colin’s gained an Oscar nomination – would have him model his clothes he replied: “Tom Ford would never ask me to do any modeling for him – why would he? I don’t think I would have the desire to even if I was asked. Although I’m looking forward to reaching my landmark 50th birthday soon.”

*Quentin Tarantino is officially ready for the Oscars race. But before then his film Inglorious Basterds could emerge triumphant this weekend at the Orange Bafta Film Awards. He told me this week of who he hopes things get a little more unpredictable in the rest of award’s season: “It would be nice to cause an upset to Avatar. I’m reasonably excited. Carey Mulligan is a fantastic actress. I’m on the voting panel and I just can’t decide between her and Gaby Sidible for Precious I still haven’t made my decision yet. I don’t think I will know until the last second.”

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