Exclusive: Leona Lewis talks about posing nude, her world tour and meeting Lady Gaga in a toilet!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 20th, 2010


Well let’s start with animal rights – a subject close to your heart. Would you pose nude for PETA?
I would love to do a campaign for them in the future. Not right now, but I’d definitely look to do something if it was done tastefully and for the plight of animals everywhere around the world.
I’m currently working with the World Society for the Protection of Animals trying to get a universal declaration signed like the human right’s act but for animals. It’s something I truly believe in and I’m not afraid to stand up and be noticed when it comes to this topic.

It’s London Fashion Week – are you going to any shows?

Yes, I’m going to Jasper Conran. I can’t wait. I really have to figure out which designers won’t wear fur on the catwalk or in their collections. Leather pieces are OK everyone uses them and it’s impossible to get away from it but I have to really figure out where I can go. I believe in animal rights more than anything animals have rights just like we do as humans.

Are you off to the Oscars through your work with Avatar?

I’m not sure if I’m going to the Oscars yet. It would be amazing too though.

Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

Alicia Keys. I met her backstage at the Brits. Oh, and I met Lady Gaga in the loo too. That was so bizarre. I’ve met her before and she’s really lovely and very normal in real life. She’s into her art and expressing herself. I personally wouldn’t be able to go near one of her outfits on my tour though! She sees everything as art and she’s a really nice person.
I’ve loved Alicia Keys since forever and her performance with Jay-Z was awesome at the Brits. I’d like to collaborate with a few people for the next album for sure.

How’s life in LA?

Well I don’t want people to think LA’s my home full time. I live in London and that’s what I want people to know. I definitely live here ahead of anywhere else. I work in LA and I’m lucky to have a house. I’ve not lost my roots. It’s a bit like I love Japan – I’d love to live there – but I’m in London for the forseeable.

Are you engaged to your boyfriend Lou yet?

There’s nothing to announce yet! Ha. People are always wondering if I’m engaged all the time – I’m still too young for marriage.

And if the rumours are to be believed then your music boss Simon Cowell is now engaged!

Simon’s supposedly got engaged. But to be honest I think he would have told me if it was true. And he hasn’t. Unless I’ve heard that from the horses mouth then I can’t believe it – and I haven’t yet.
Who knows – he might shock everyone and elope to Vegas. I have met his girlfriend though and she’s fabulous and he’s totally besotted. She’s beautiful and perfect for him.

Would you ever try your hand at acting?

Acting’s something that I want to think about in the future. I want to be able to perform with anger and resentment – people think I’m timid and shy but I’m not. I trained at performing arts school after all so it would only be using what I’ve been trained for. I see acting as a natural progression for me. Maybe James Cameron could sign me up to be a blue person for Avatar 2! Ha ha.

Were you sad or miffed to miss out on a Brit Award this year?

It was sad not to win. But I’m not miffed. I’m glad Lily Allen won – she’s had a great year. She’s been snubbed too – and other acts like Radiohead have not won Brits before and been snubbed. I’m still early on in my career and I want to be an artist that has longevity. I want to have time to pace myself. I’ll win a Brit Award one day.

What did you think about Cheryl Cole’s bad miming?

I love Cheryl and she’s an awesome performer. She’s dancing and it was great – I was backstage so didn’t see it all.

How’s the voice holding up for the tour?

The voice is holding up for the tour. It’s in good shape and I’ve been building it for the dates. I’m doing one on, one off dates like Mariah does. It’s what all the true vocalists like Christina Aguilera do. The last thing I want to be doing is be going out and miming half of the set. I want people to get a quality show and live.

What other artists have you taken inspiration from with regards to your own tour?

I’ve been going to the shows and I really wanted to make something unique. I went to see other people’s shows to see what not to do – rather than what I wanted to do. I look up to Beyonce as a live performer. But that’s Beyonce, and nobody can do that but her. I want this to be a show that nobody can do apart from me. We’ll start in the UK and there’s possible Japan and European dates. Then America. We’ll see how it goes. Demand in the UK has been great so I’m thrilled with it.

Your outfits have got a little sexier lately – have you done this on purpose?

I’m trying to get minxier with the outfits that I’m wearing lately. Me and Alexandra Burke are swapping places lately. I’m short and she’s floor length. I’ve been searching for a designer to dress me. I’ve worn a lot of Vivienne Westwood and I found it much easier to stick to one brand. Her dresses were great and I loved her style. To be honest I didn’t want to try on a million dresses so that was the reason for the Westwood dresses. But I’ve now started working with William Tempest. He’s an amazing young designer and he did my Brits dress.
With the Vivienne Westwood stuff it’s dramatic but I want to start trying out some shape and stuff more modern. The Stella McCartney dress I wore last week in Madrid has an amazing shape.

And what about the outfits for the tour – what are the plans…..
I’m trying to make it my own world on stage – it’s going to be a great show. I’m involved in everything from lighting to the stage and the building design. I’m meeting with Antonio Beradi this week. It will be a vast array of short, long and mad outfits. There will be movement on the tour too – not just me static singing. Outta My Head will be a great one to perform. This is a song I want as a single – it’s different and it’s fast. It’s got a powerful song but it’s different for me.

Leona’s new single I Got You is out in the shops from tomorrow.

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