Davina McCall talks Got To Dance, Big Brother and why she won't have anymore children!

Posted by Dean Piper On February 13th, 2010


Today is the live final of Sky 1 HD’s brilliant new show Got To Dance and I was thrilled to have a surprise phone call from the show’s host Davina McCall.
The show’s the best thing Davina’s done for years and marks her first major venture that will hopefully continue after Big Brother’s death at the end of this summer. “I think our show’s great – the judges are the key too,” she said. “They are all individually amazing. They make the show feel fresh. I have every finger crossed that it’s recommissioned for a second series. I’m trying to set up my life for the future so that I have programmes that I love doing for when everything changes. It’s going to be life changing when Big Brother goes.”
The star tells me she’s planning a big family adventure to Canada next summer.
I asked her whether she’d return to Big Brother if it were to come back. She revealed: “I just don’t know. I’d feel very weird if they did it again and I wasn’t doing it! It would depend on whether they were going to radically change it. I wouldn’t go back unless it was the original format. I’m a true Big Brother fan and wouldn’t want them to try and do it differently.
“I think everybody saw from the Celeb show that it could have more left to do. But I just don’t know where – or what channel. I’m not in those talks and don’t know where it would go.”
She also joked her Sport Relief training for her huge bike ride in aid of the charity is a little painful. Davina, and celebs including Patrick Kielty, Fearne Cotton and David Walliams, are embarking on a 1,000 mile chairty ride for the cause. Davina winced: “I’m doing three hour training sessions. My noony is not great. I’ve got a shammy and chave ease that I put on my nether regions before we start training. That helps a bit. But I tried a double shammy and it feels weird like you’re wearing an adult nappie. That’s not pleasant at all.
“I’ll tell you one thing – my husband Matthew is not going anywhere near that noony for a few weeks after that bike ride. I think that if you heard that I was pregnant on the grapevine then you’d know that it was a heavenly mistake. Let me put it that way. There’s no way I want any other sprogs.” Watch Got To Dance on Sky 1 HD tonight at 6pm.

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