Alesha Dixon, Florence and the Machine and Pixie Lott gear up for the Brit Awards

Posted by Dean Piper On February 13th, 2010

*Alesha Dixon says she’s planning on partying a wee bit at this years Brit Awards after parties – but it all depends on her heels and how painful they are! She told me: “You know what I don’t know how much I will party at the Brits…it all depends on the shoes. If the shoes hurt I will be at home in bed by midnight….if not I could go on all night. I might try those Partyfeet things – those gel soles – I’ll have some of them in my handbag to give me a couple of extra hours!” Good idea!

*I really hope Florence and the Machine clean up at this week’s Brit Awards. Flo’s had an amazing year and her album Lungs was, in my opinion the record of 2009, and it sounds like her we can expect something special from her performance with Dizzee Rascal. She reveals: “I think me and Dizzee might co ordinate our outfits…like Posh and Becks…I think we might wear all in one black leather suits…and get pushed on stage on thrones!!” I dare you!

*Pixie Lott has a trio of nominations at the Brits this week and this week she reflected on her rise to instant fame with the single Mama Do. Pixie said: “Two years ago I went to the Brits with my school and we were the renta crowd to scream at the front and I remember looking behind me at all the famous people on the tables and thinking I wish I could be up there – and now two years later I’m on a table and I’m nominated for awards!  I wouldn’t mind people like Jay Z and Beyonce on my table that would be cool! I still get star struck though – I met Mariah Carey recently and I got really overwhelmed, could look at her and started to well up it was really embarrassing!”

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