JLS star Marvin Humes has the hots for a Saturday…..and JB wants to take on The Beatles!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 31st, 2010

JLS star Marvin Humes is the pop world’s hottest single male hunk right now.
But despite people like Rihanna recently speaking out to say she thought he was ‘hawt’ and couldn’t wait to meet him on her next trip to London, the singer has the hots for another singer.
Step forward newly single Saturdays band member Rochelle Wiseman – who I’m told the six-pack clad man about town is infatuated with. There’s only one problem – Rochelle’s not wanting to pursue his advances….yet. A source close to the pair tells me: “Marvin loves Rochelle’s personality and thinks she’s sexy as hell but she just isn’t interested right now.
“She’s only recently single and had a tough break up recently – she’s not ready for a relationship right now. She finds him attractive but she wants to be a single lady for now.
“They text each other and Marvin’s made his feeling clear that he’d love to get together with her – but she’s not going to be letting him into her life right now.”
So ladies, breathe a sigh of relief. Marvin’s still available for you all!
Meanwhile JLS are the band of the moment – and with three Brit Award nominations they could reach new dizzy heights in the pop stratosphere. But let’s face it – they’re not The Beatles. I caught up with band member JB this week when the boys were about to play their Margate tour date and he told me they’d love to try and achieve a portion of what the legendary sixties band have. JB told me: “People have said with our fans that it reminds them of Beatlemania – but we just find it incredible that people have even included us in the same sentence as The Beatles. If we can do a quarter of what those guys did or have done throughout their career then we’d be absolutely over the moon . It’s early days yet – we’re just thrilled to be on our first live tour and we hope to win at the Brits.”
The lads are in a tough category too for Best British Group – up against the likes of Kasabian and Muse. JB added: “We met the Kasabian boys and their kids are fans of ours! We’re hoping we can make an impression and two of our categories are voted for by the public. And our fans are amazing. Without them we’re nothing.” Indeed JB!

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