All the gossip from the final South Bank Show Awards

Posted by Dean Piper On January 31st, 2010

*Ronnie Wood ought to work on how he tempts the young ladies! I was chatting to Fearne Cotton when the Rolling Stone walked by and literally growled at her whilst looking her up and down in a pervy old man stylee. Fearne, who immediately blushed in horror, looked at me and said: “Did that really just happen?” Yes Fearnie, it sure did. The star tells me she’s busy training for a cycling challenge in aid of Sport Relief. She said: “I’m doing it with a few people and it’s like a tag team race but we’re cycling a blooming long way. Davina McCall’s doing it with me and we are both suffering down below. Davina calls hers a noo noo and she says she can barely walk. I’m not far off – and I have a padded saddle and everything. Eeeek!

*Peaches Geldof troubled me at the after show bash. She squealed: “Oh my God have you seen how fit Jarvis Cocker is. He’s so fit I can’t breathe.” Naturally I asked if she was joking and she replied: “Erm, no. I’d leave any man for a night of passion with him.” Eeeeew.
And talking of romance, it sounds like Peaches has a new beau on the scene – but she won’t reveal him. She said: “I have this one guy who’s nice and he’s my man. But I’m not telling you his name. Because then it’s out there and there’s pressure. It’s my secret.” Dish it next time Miss G!

*I know celebrities are teeny tiny in real life but I was genuinely shocked by Rachel Weisz up close. She’s so tiny – and I told her so. She laughed and said: “What? Did you expect me to be a big fat heifer?” Rachel flew into town to pick up the award with cast members for her play A Streetcar Named Desire at the Donmar Warehouse.

*Vicky Christina Barcelona Rebecca Hall said she was over the moon to finally be enjoying a break after wrapping her latest movie starring alongside Ben Affleck, The Town. “I’ve been working back to back for two years on films and theatre so I’m enjoying finally taking a break before this film comes out,” she said. “Ben directs this film too – he was great to work with – and has a finger in every pie during filming.” I bet!

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  1. Josie Says:

    “Erm, no. I’d leave any man for a night of passion with him.” – Go Peaches tell that to Jarvis.
    I’m imagining Jarvis writing a song about this. Hmmm, similar to that Greek chic from St. Martins College, but preserving the lines “that stupid things you do” and “If you call your Daddy he could stop it all”. That would be a hit.

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