All the gossip from the Bafta Los Angeles British Tea Party!

Posted by Dean Piper On January 24th, 2010

*Lady Victoria Hervey has given Gossip Girl stud Ed Westwick a present he will rely on for those long transatlantic flights. I spied Vic passing on one of her Smokestick Royale ‘healthy’ ciggies in LA last week. The new product is causing quite a stir in the celebrity world – it’s basically a plastic cigarette with a diamond at the end that gives you a nicotine hit. Rhys Ifans has been puffing away on planes – and now Ed Westwick’s joined the club. Smoking’s very naughty kiddies – but check out

*Up In The Air star Melanie Lynskey told me she wasn’t fully comfortable on the red carpet – despite starring opposite Hollywood hotties George Clooney and Matt Damon recently. She joked: “I’m so bad at red carpet. I don’t mind doing chats with intelligent people who have good questions but I get uncomfortable with photographs. I need to be taught. I guess at least I have a light load on my shoulders and don’t have to go to all the awards.
The poor thing was even nervous about meeting other fellow film stars at the Critics Choice Movie Awards. She laughed: “I didn’t meet anybody I wanted to because I’m too shy but I stood next to Meryl Street and Quentin Tarantino.”

*Remember this name – Luke Evans. He’s the hot new Welsh hunk taking Hollywood by storm. He’ll be seen in new blockbuster Clash of the Titans playing Apollo (Liam Neeson plays his father Zeus). He’s charming and told me he’s loving life at the Bafta LA British Tea Party last week: “Clash of the Titans was my first film venture. So it’s been crazy. Liam’s playing my father which is so funny. I was acting even better because I was alongside him and Sam Worthington and Ralph Fiennes.
“I was literally terrified on the first day. Once you see a reflection of yourself in the mirror and you have 22 carat gold armour on and you look mean you relax a little.”
After Clash Luke has four movies coming out. Blitz with Jason Statham, the Stephen Frears flick Tamara Drewe opposite Gemma Arterton not to mention  Sex & Drugs and Rock & Roll and a cameo in the Russell Crowe Robin Hood movie.

*St Trinian’s star Talulah Riley has moved out to LA full time to try and carve a movie career – but she misses cheese! She revealed: “I live here now and I’m bereft of all English people. I miss Cheddar cheese so much – it’s plastic and rubbish out here.” That it is!
Talulah added that she hopes for another St Trinian’s film sometime in the future. “It’s great to have had so much success with the films,” she said. “It was a great film to hang out with the girls on. I think they’re plans for 20 more.” I have to say another one of those movies is a hellish thought!

*Step aside Johnny VegasMaggie Gyllenhaal could replace you as the face of PG Tips if you don’t watch it. She tells me: “I love PG Tips. I love that tea so much. I was in the UK for four months shooting the new Nanny McPhee in the summer and I loved it.” The star was elegant as usual and said it didn’t take her long to dress for the plush Bafta event. “This time for the Globes I got one dress and that’s what I wore but if I’m nominated it’s different ball game and I’ll literally try 30 dresses on,” she added.

*The Young Victoria star Emily Blunt is backing fellow Brit Carey Mulligan all the way when it comes to awards glory. The star, who sadly failed to be nominated for a Lead Actress Bafta this week, said: “I think it’s a good year for the Brits and we’re thrilled. It’s tough for young British actresses to come over to the US and be in a film and be appreciated and for the role to do well. So I’m pleased for people like Carey Mulligan – she took my breath away in An Education.”

*Irish The Lovely Bones star Saoirse Ronan kept it real on the red carpet in LA. “I’m wearing a Warehouse dress actually,” she said despite being the toast of Hollywood with her Critics Choice win. “It’s crazy out here – I got to meet people like Meryl Streep – that’s been the highlight.”

*Precious star Gabourey Sidibe remains calm about her chances of an Oscar nomination for her role in the flick that everybody’s talking about! She told me: “For this film to have been recognised means so much to me. I’m enjoying going to all these shows and meeting people. I’m not even thinking about the Oscars yet – it’s just too much to handle.” I reckon she’ll lift the famous statuette on Oscar night!

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