Amanda Holden talks about Fantasy Lives

Posted by Dean Piper On December 29th, 2009

Amanda Holden’s new show for the New Year, Fantasy Lives, for ITV sounds like it’s worth a watch. In said show Mandy tries her luck as a stuntwoman, becomes a Parisian showgirl and even goes off to become a country singer in Nashville. The star tells me she enjoyed every minute. Amanda says: “The dancing was hellish. Everyone thinks I’m a dancer but I’m not. I’m an actress that can dance. I had four days to learn three different dance routines. Then I got given a whole pile of feather outfits to put on. I was literally spitting feathers during the routine. I think my favourite was the stuntwoman one. I jumped off a roof, crashed a car and all I did was broke a nail. I loved it.” This girl never does anything by halves!

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