Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding calms down the party life for the big time!

Posted by Dean Piper On December 7th, 2009

Sarah Harding is pulling a Billie Piper to make that full conversion into TV and film star. First thing she’s doing is eradicating that Camden Caner reputation of yester year. I spotted the blonde star at Nick Ede’s charity event to raise awareness about The Stroke Association and she wouldn’t take a picture with fans until she’d gotten rid of her alcoholic beverage from the frame. She then said: “This is the new me. I’m behaving from now on.” Good for her.

Meanwhile Sarah stars in MTV’s new show ‘Sarah Harding In 24 Hours’ where a telly crew follow her around in a reality stylee. The show goes out on December 13 at 7pm and she reveals she’s not exactly been happy in Girls Aloud – thus why the band have taken a year out from working together. “Now its time to do our own thing for a while,” she reveals. “We did need a change of a direction. We’d been doing the same thing for 7 years and it gets a bit tedious. When it’s not as much fun anymore, you have to go away and remember what you first enjoyed about that and learn to miss it. I’m no spring chicken anymore. In girlband years I’m about 40! Seven years in a band, add on 3 years for each year (like dog years) then add on a bit more, that’s how much I feel I’ve aged.” Fortunately she still looks like a spring chicken – when she’s rested!

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