Michael Lohan reveals he DIDN'T try to top himself – and talks about Lindsay's latest 'therapy'

Posted by Dean Piper On December 1st, 2009

Dad of the decade Michael Lohan continues to talk about his troubled daughter in an effort to stay in the press. This time he revealed all to Sydney’s best radio station 2Day FM. He even claimed on the Kyle and Jackie O show that he’s not even on Twitter, just days after statements on his supposed Twitter account said he was going to kill himself…..

Michael revealed: “Well right now, I’m hanging from a bungee cord from the Brooklyn Bridge, don’t mind me. Come on, I was shopping with my fiancé yesterday and my Thanksgiving was a wonderful Thanksgiving. My lawyers have been on Twitter now for about three months because this person who says it’s ‘The Michael Lohan’ and ‘The Real Michael Lohan’, that’s not me, I have no Twitter account. The funny thing is this person has personal pictures of me, with my dog, with my fiancée, with my kids and personal information about me so it’s very troubling. My attorneys have been in touch with Twitter and they are yet to do anything to stop this so now we’re going to take legal action.

“I don’t have a Twitter account, I never did. I think it’s important for you to make a statement out there and really try to do something about this because I don’t care if it’s Twitter, Facebook, My Space, people can go on these social networks and create a profile and say they’re you but there have to be safeguards, that’s identity theft and a criminal impersonation.”

He also decided to tell all about his daughter Lindsay Lohan being in therapy. He revealed: “I’m very happy that Lindsay’s getting therapy now but I’m still concerned about the prescription drugs. Three times a week, started about a week ago and she’s doing much, much better however I still think prescription drug use is a horrible thing and it’s very dangerous.”

You don’t say, Michael.

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