Martine McCutcheon is totally besotted with her man!

Posted by Dean Piper On November 23rd, 2009

Former EastEnders Martine McCutcheon is celebrating this week after hitting the top five bestsellers list with her debut novel The Mistress. The star couldn’t help but talk about her dashing man Jack McManus, 25, this week when we caught up and she certainly sounds smitten! At eight years her junior she thinks she’s found the perfect toy boy to be with for life! “The age gap means nothing,” she says. “All the women in my family date younger men. They need to be able to keep up. We’re a tenacious bunch.
“But Jack is quietly very confident and he knows exactly how to handle me. I just love him. I can take him to a local pub in the East End, a Hollywood premiere or a rock gig.”
She and Jack have talked marriage and children – “the whole shebang”. But are not going down that route for a wee while yet! “I’d love children,” says Martine. “And I’d love to get married and have them with Jack. I just want us to have a bit more time on our own. I’m going to be selfish for another year or so.” Good for her.

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    i relley like martine mccutcheon to bits as iam her bigits fan i have none her sins she was in eastenders as tiffaney and i wude love it if she cude cume to derby so that i can get her urtograth

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