Leona Lewis talks about stripping off for the boys!

Posted by Dean Piper On November 23rd, 2009

Don’t expect Leona Lewis to be stripping down to her smalls for a men’s mag shoot anytime in the future. It just won’t happen! The mere thought of posing in lingerie makes her shudder.

Leona tells me: “I’ve been asked quite a few times but I wouldn’t do it. Ever. Not because I see anything bad about it but it’s just not me. I don’t see myself as a men’s mag kind of girl. I’m comfortable naked in the privacy of my own home – but in front of other people, hell no. I’d rather have all my clothes on. I couldn’t do a shoot in my bikini – that just would never happen. Never. No way. Not even with the power of the airbrush. It just won’t.” I’ll take that as a no then!

In fact Leona doesn’t even like to be deemed as sexy by her fans! She says: “It’s a weird one when people say you are sexy. If people think that then it’s cool but I’m not going to be exploring that side of me and releasing a Sex book like Madonna. How weird was that – I can’t believe Madonna did that. It’s a bit disturbing but I bet it’s interesting to read. I’ve never seen it. I’d imagine you need to be alone to read it!” Indeed you would Miss Lewis!

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