All the gossip from the Children in Need gig at the Albert hall with Robbie Williams, Lily Allen and Mika

Posted by Dean Piper On November 14th, 2009


After Robbie Williams performed at the Children in Need gig he came backstage to talk to me about being on stage with Take That once again. Robbie told me: “All my team were like – please don’t be the one crying. And I did. While they were singing I was watching them and I genuinely did want to get up, grab a mic and join them on stage. If I sung anything with them it would be Back For Good. It wouldn’t be Everything Changes or Could it be Magic now. I’m past that point now – I want to do one of Gaz’s songs.”
Robbie, whose fantastic new album Reality Killed The Video Star is out now, told me he’s started recording with the boys too for new material as the original five piece. “I’m just wanting to be with four other lads that I love to pieces,” Rob added: “We have to get the balance right and we don’t know how to do it yet. The ball is definitely rolling.
“Something special is going to happen. I hope we get the temperature right for it. To be honest everyone will be bored by it then anyway. They will.” Erm, I don’t think so! I hear Robbie’s hoping for a full time return to Take That in seven months time – after he’s finished promoting his solo record and he’s picked up his Brit Awards lifetime achievement.

Lily Allen hobbled around the stage after falling down the stairs prior to her performance at the Royal Albert Hall. But she still managed to performed a great set afterwards – and squeeze her swollen ankle into huge heels – at the Children In Need gig. Lil giggled about running into Sir Paul McCartney backstage and told me: “I’ve just met him and all he wanted to know was how my dad was. I said: “Yeah, he’s alright.” and that was about it. He said he liked my album and I said I was a bit of a fan of his work too. Ha ha.”

Mika was desperate to duet with Annie Lennox at the event but the pop union didn’t work out on the night. He told me: “I was supposed to duet with Annie Lennox and sing Sweet Dreams. Up until yesterday it was happening but then she had to go to the Berlin celebrations and that was it. It f***ing sucks – I’ve been singing that song at my shows for over a year and this is the third time we’ve tried to make it happen.” One day my boy!

Children in Need Rocks the Royal Albert Hall will be shown on BBC1 at 8pm on Thursday.

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