On The Grapevine…..

Posted by Dean Piper On November 7th, 2009

*Strictly’s put Jo Wood off of any other reality TV show for good! She told me at the Peugeot BB1 bash this week: “Never again! No more. I did Strictly because it was the right time, and it is about learning a skill. I wanted a challenge. I am not sitting in a jungle eating bugs and testicles, or locking myself in a house with a bunch of strangers. What’s the point.” Indeed!

*Brian Friedman was almost a dancer for Madonna on tour – but he wouldn’t chop his locks to go on the road with her. He tells me: “I once auditioned for Madonna to be her dancer and she asked if I was willing to shave off all my hair for the part. I said no – my hair was part of my identity then so I’ve never danced for Madonna.” Bummer!

*Gerard Butler spoke this week of his rumoured fling with Jennifer Aniston and told me: “It never was true and no matter how much I deny it nobody believes me.”

*Model Jodie Kidd can’t wait to be an auntie for sister Jemma’s twins who are due to arrive around Christmas! She revealed at the Peugeot BB1 bash: “The whole family is on baby alert, we will just be on tenterhooks. The whole of Christmas is about babies. I’m now an auntie veteran – my brother has four kids but it is still so exciting.” Good luck Jodes!

sounds like she’s getting used to single life after ditching dirty dawg MC Harvey. Javine says: “The split had been building for the last year to be honest, and then in the last two weeks it just came to a head. I was so ready for the break that I am not reeling as much as people expect me to. And now I’m a single mum and I’m proud of that title. It is just about me and Angel.” Good for her.

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