Lindsay Lohan, Gerard Butler, the Le Bon family and Naomi Watts party at the exclusive Kerzner Mazagan Hotel launch in Morocco

Posted by Dean Piper On November 3rd, 2009


Before I give you all my gossip on the exclusive Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort launch I wanted to talk about Lindsay Lohan. Over the past few days I’ve had a horrendous tirade of abuse from fans of Lindsay on Twitter. I wanted to explain what exactly went on this weekend.
We were all told (the journos) that Lindsay had arrived with supposed ‘boyfriend’ Petey Wright in tow as well as her best friend Patrick. I immediately twittered this only to be told a while later that Lindsay was in fact only with Patrick.
Then a few hours later we were once again told Lindsay was with Petey by a source looking after her there. But it became obvious that he wasn’t anywhere to be seen…..
Obviously this is annoying as my job as a gossip journalist is to give you the truth about what’s going down wherever I am in the world.
I did have the pleasure of meeting Lindsay later in the evening and chatting to her and I can’t say anything but nice stuff about her. She was polite, composed and seemed perfectly poised for a fun night out. She wasn’t wasted or anything. I was pleasantly surprised after reading numerous articles about her and seeing her in London a few weeks ago in a terrible state.

As the night progressed it seemed obvious she was hanging out with a few people – one of which was Gerard Butler. At no point did I see them snog, go off together or anything of the sort. I have no idea where those reports came from! They were hanging out in a club. End of.

I wish people would calm themselves on Twitter and realise that I’m only trying to do the best job I can. I have to trust what sources are saying sometimes but the majority of times I will give you the juice from what I’ve seen with my own eyes.
There’s no need for swearing, cursing or any sort of abuse. It’s just not on. And is never acceptable.

Right, now that’s out of the way let’s talk about the gossip from the amazing Mazagan bash! ENJOY!


It must be nice for Yasmin Le Bon having a daughter as utterly charming and sober as her model offspring Amber (above). I spoke to Yasmin about 19-year-old Amber, who gave up booze in February. She told me: “It’s great to say I have a daughter that’s sober. She’s such a sensible girl all round I just continually hope she doesn’t go down the wrong road. The last thing any mother wants is their daughter selling crack on the streets!” True true!

Meanwile Simon Le Bon and me engaged in a ‘dance-off’ in the middle of the Sanctuary club at the exclusive Mazagan Beach Resort. Simon wandered over to the DJ booth and yelled: “Got any MGMT. Please play it.” Unfortunately the DJ had no idea an eighties pop legend was before him and said he ‘didn’t take requests’. Blasted!

Actress Tamsin Egerton took time out from strolling on the 7km beaches where Pamela Anderson’s ex Kelly Slater was surfing to talk to me about her future film projects. And from the sounds of it the St Trinian’s babe is in demand! Tamsin said: “They are currently cutting the sequel of St Trinian’s and some of the girls were seeing a rough cut this week. Unfortunately I couldn’t go. It was such fun being on the film and I really enjoyed getting to know Sarah Harding on set. She’s a good actress and people will be surprised. I’ve just wrapped the new Noel Clarke film too, called and I’m getting ready to go off to Los Angeles. I’ve given my agent a week to schedule meetings and I have about 40 so far!” This is one woman ready to conquer Hollywood.


Talking of Hollywood, actress Naomi Watts (above with me) brought along her two young children Sam and Alex and husband Liev Schreiber to the Mazagan Beach resort launch. The pair introduced the kiddies to performers with monkeys and the snake charmers at the cocktail party on Friday night. Naomi told me she was loving Morocco. She said: “I’ve been here in the past but I’ve loved being here with my family.” Naomi spent much of her evening sitting alongside the Le Bons and actress Natasha McElhone and they all puffed away on fags before hitting the dancefloor.

WHICH fashion stylist in Morocco decided to boink his boy toy on the beach! The silly billy was making out right outside my room. Naughty, naughty!

Lisa Snowdon (above) is loving her job getting up at the crack of dawn for the Capital FM breakfast show with Johnny Vaughan. Lisa told me: “I’ve been doing it for over a year now and it’s still just as exciting getting up in the morning to go to work. We’ve just announced the Jingle Bell Ball acts for this Christmas too and we have Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson headlining.” Lisa was on amazing form in Morocco and while the rest of us were suffering hangovers from hell she hit the gym each day and jogged on the beach! Good girl.

Birthday greetings to Simon Le Bon, Hollywood actor Gerard Butler and Naomi Campbell’s millionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. The threesome celebrated their birthdays at Mazagan’s Sanctuary Club last night. Yasmin and Naomi had pre-planned the entire evening around their men and a huge cake was brought out for each man! And part of the celebrations included Simon and hotel owner Heather Kerzner taking to the mic for some impromptu karaoke!

Donna Air brought along her daughter Freya, six, for her stay at the Mazagan resort and the little one sounded extremely happy! Donna revealed: “Freya’s found this little restaurant that has rotisserie chicken all day and she’s been munching on that throughout our week here. It’s great for kids.”

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